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Kastar is patent trademark of Kater adhesives Industrial Co., Ltd, with 16 years of manufacturing and 12 years of exporting,the Kastar tile grout we produced has been sold to over 32 countries,

because it completely solved the problem of tile joints, it made the brand KASTAR be one of the most influential brands in this line.

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The main component material of Kastar tile grout is imported epoxy resin and pigment,
instead of industrial-grade raw materials, and adopt more eco-friendly and brighter cosmetic pigments.
No collapse, no-shrink, high and low temperature-resistant, good flexibility, variety of colors, etc, Kastar tile grout perfectly solve all the problems of traditional cement-based grout such as fall off, get mould, bacteria breeding inside ceramic tiles joints.


We have a goal of continuous expansion, and we are committed to helping our customers succeed, through a strategy that we have enjoyed a large share of the market, based on reliable services with quality products.

Every year, 5% of the annual turnover of Kastar is invested in R&D and R&D personnel accounts for about 8% of our company. Kastar attaches great importance to environmental greening, and 70% of annual investment is to develop sustainable development and environmentally friendly products. So far all products Kastar researched and developed are qualified by LEED and meet different kinds of construction requirement

The main development of sustainable development and environmentally friendly products. To date, kastar has developed LEED-certified products that meet a variety of architectural needs.


The factory has obtained ISO9001 certification, and all the products been tested and certified by CE, SGS and RoHS.


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