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A small area of the ceramic tile brick seam caulking agent how to operate?

by:Kastar     2020-07-24
Domestic outfit need small area with ceramic tile seam caulking agent to repair brick to want how to operate? Caulking agent let small make up just like you said today the methods suitable for themselves in the family operation. Tip gap filling agent, to collect after use. The first step is to prepare first tools: glue guns, thin rubber gloves, tools, knives, sponge ( Even the best sponge mop head, remove the back of the plastic sheet) , rags, bucket ( Wash sponge with) And small nails ( Need not when stopped discharging mouth) 。 The second step is to site cleanup: sew brick dust clean, especially the hem of the cement seal, to cut clean. Brick surface cleaning, especially on both sides in brick joints can not have dust. Ready to above, can open a prepared caulking agent to operate. Caulking agent first discharging mouth open to open the back cover, install discharging mouth, the discharging mouth with paper knife cut into degrees slope Angle, the discharging mouth width should be keep consistent with slit width. The caulking agent into glue guns, slowly expiratory will right amount, evenly into the slot. Crowded seam about a metre long with sponge flat brush, brush along the seam, the strength is smaller, don't rub seam in the material ( Remember to bring gloves) 。 Caulking agent on both sides of the stick to brick, to promptly clean, dry can also use the blade row. Sponge to clean in time, brush a few times more. Within an hour do not touch the ash and water, don't pressure deformation. After natural air dry, can see the very good ceramic tile seam repair effect.
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