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About the secret of caulking agent have to say

by:Kastar     2020-07-24
In recent years, caulking products favored by the majority of users, but many people don't know filled seam an agent, in order to let more people understand the gap filling agent, today we say about caulking agent what had to be secret. A, scope of application of caulking agent is suitable for ceramic tile, stone, glass, aluminum and other materials, mainly used in the gap, in order to achieve better construction effect, are generally used in ceramic tile aperture. Second, the characteristics of the product upgrading of caulking agent is filled seam an agent Mr Sternbach, not only in practical significantly better than the gap filling agent, adornment effect is very good also. Caulking agent is mainly composed of high and new technology of polymer and high-grade materials, high and new science and technology mainly containing epoxy resin, polymer is a kind of flow of liquid, namely colloid, by contrast, caulking agent has more luster, colour more rich. Three, the advantage of the products. Very hard, high hardness, good toughness, smooth surface, such as porcelain after curing; 。 Color is exquisite, rich multiple-choice, in which there are many different sequins contains, style each different; 。 Water has a strong penetration effect, can waterproof bacteriostatic; 。 Don't need caulking, can be used directly in the midst of ceramic tile aperture; 。 Big viscosity, adhesion, can firmly stick to the ceramic tile on both sides. Fourth, the limitation of the product. For high requirement of construction environment to keep clean and dry, can not have any water damage; 。 During the curing time is longer, waiting for not to trample, especially the gap can not be squeezed; 。 Construction procedure is more, easy to forget one step, which leads to the gap filling effect is poor; 。 Caulking agents on the market have different quality, easy to confuse, it is difficult to judge true and false caulking agent. About the quality of gap filling agent, we are the manufacturer of caulking agent to say, different product has different effect, but the quality is not the higher the price, the better. Treat a product right, adjust state of mind, the most direct way to examine whether the quality qualified it, this is the correct way of consumption.
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