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Advocate lie toilet how to transform more give prize?

by:Kastar     2020-07-21
As the roll out of the building, large family home with mine owners, to choose more 3 rooms 2 hall area, new family such as single-family villas. But these new big family, there is a let owner more struggle, that is the model of structure with advocate lie toilet. Although housing area is large, but if there is only one toilet in the home, will certainly bring a lot of inconvenience, have advocate lie toilet can relieve the pressure. But inside toilet environment moisture for a long time, is likely to affect the owner after life. Keep it or not to keep it, is a problem. Retain the situation of toilet although advocate lie toilet area is not large, but still more than enough for personal use. And for the outside public toilet, advocate lie toilet can also leave some privacy space for user. In addition, the toilet and bedroom adjacent, get up and can directly home wash, some will be more convenient to use. Like action at ordinary times is not very convenient old people, young people want to have their own space, guests or population in the home more often with owner, there is suitable for the original advocate lie toilet, in door model to make their life more convenient. Advocate lie toilet decorate a note waterproof material used to prevent the toilet after using for a long time will become damp, affect the master bedroom use feeling, when decorate owner should try to choose a few waterproof material, to some extent can avoid the water vapor permeability. In addition, due to advocate lie toilet inside most without Windows, it is recommended that the owner for when decorate toilet installed fan or fresh air system, let the air flow inside toilet, have the effect of dry. To do wet depart due to advocate lie toilet area is different, so the owner can choose to install only wash one small area and toilet, larger area can be combined with shower facilities. If there are shower facilities, in advocate lie toilet must be planned in advance within the area of dry wet depart, prevent water after toilet ground is caused by the water, it is difficult to discharge and humid conditions. And the walls of the waterproof also want to do, according to owner family member's height, waterproof level can be done. m - 。 M range, in case after toilet wall seeping in. Use of caulking moistureproof bacteriostatic inside toilet can use for a long time into the water, if not good processing of ceramic tile aperture, it is easy to black in the humid environment mildewy, produce unpleasant odor, affect the life experience of owner. Caulking is a good way to solve the problem, antibacterial caulking smooth surface, such as porcelain, wear-resisting, not influenced by bacteria, let toilet ceramic tile aperture is always clean and tidy condition. Caulking color varied, with all sorts of owner decorate style can mutual fusion and mutual sublimation, both practical and beautiful sex. Converted into other function rooms may be in the condition of the owner's family members is not many, but also have some mind toilet is too close to their place to sleep. Advocate lie toilet at this time is likely when decorate no longer is the toilet, and be converted into other function room. In general, have locker room, studio, study, and other functions to choose from. Compared to the toilet, they are obviously more clean, later also don't need to clean the dry after each use. Converted into cloakroom, attention at the time of the study decorate good floor drain, sewage pipe because this area was toilet, so the original floor drain inside toilet, drainage pipe and so on also will be in its original place, the owner when decorate the first thing to do is to use some way to wrap these facilities as it was live. Floor drain cover can simply, drainage pipe for the whole building are also use, so the cover it at the same time, also pay attention to the parcel layer outside the pipe sound insulation sponge sound insulation, prevent water noise will appear in the future. Do waterproof according to their own decorate condole top owner, is also likely to continue to use advocate lie toilet, so in order to prevent leaking condition in the future, when decorate owner for modified room to waterproof, especially the top, the waterproof around the pipeline. Owners can also do a waterproof, removable condole top, and do a few times more waterproof around the pipeline. In order to avoid an accident, try not to use in this kind of room with various open storage tank. Caulking decorate owner won't use water, although the room itself in a room, but if the owner laid ceramic tile, caulking this step is essential. Caulking can not just for ceramic tile aperture have adornment effect, it can also in use process have the effect of dustproof, waterproof, anti-fouling. Even if the future owner accidentally dirty in the process of using ceramic tile aperture, caulking also protects against these stains, let owner in the subsequent cleaning easily. Advocate lie toilet area is not large, but as long as reasonable transformation, this small space can still has become a party to the owner favorite niche. Caulking, will try their best to protect every crevice. And use their own colorful color, in make room of beauty on the road to move on. Caulking with caulking grout market experience, independent research and development production, when jay, roubaix, royal nest, xin five caulking brand products, porcelain in the caulking market occupies a big market share. Ceramic tile seam filling grout product color is rich, has nearly 20 kinds of commonly used caulking color on the market; Fouling resistance and anti-wear, no longer clean ceramic tile aperture to spend more time; Mildew antibacterial, threat from germs, protect the owner and family health.
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