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Also do caulking, why prices are different?

by:Kastar     2020-07-24
Many owner when consulting caulking, there will be such a feeling: also do is caulking, why price difference so big? First of all, do caulking has 'do' and 'good'. Do just finish construction, well but need to spend more energy, to a better quality. Caulking, therefore, is not the same as the price is reasonable. Do caulking to see not only the price, more depends on the quality and service. Qualification, team usually have different formal caulking construction team cooperation of formal caulking agent company, the qualification is complete, the normal operation and rich experience. Team together, individual pre-sale, sale, after-sales service, truly for the sake of customers, try my best to learn every step of the process. ( Caulking professional team) Caulking guerrillas refers to put stall in the street, alley decorate personnel, they are mostly 'five no' ( Without business license and qualification certificate, no offices, no construction strength, no funds guarantee) 。 Although the price is low, but the construction, the extremely rough, with makings and follow-up service will make you feel very regret. , the material price and the consumer chooses different caulking materials about caulking agent products. Caulking agent products with famous brand, good quality inferior than small workshops for caulking agent materials are bound to expensive. But good quality gap filling products the indicators meet the national standards, with real materials, although the cost of slightly tall, but will not cause harm to human body. ( Inferior caulking agent hazards were terrible) Bedroom pollution threat than inferior caulking material, the effect is poor, rework and other immeasurable cost, choose to have the quality guarantee of caulking products is particularly important. , workers, trade in different caulking material, under the condition of same craft workers will directly affect the quality of caulking; A good technology, well-trained construction team will let the caulking materials play the best effect. On the other hand, the formal, professional caulking guerrillas to make gap filling effect is very difficult to let customer satisfaction, second rework will be very trouble, damage of ceramic tile, spend money, and increase customer trouble. , pre-sale and after-sale service different formal caulking team will according to the overall domestic outfit style, recommend color caulking agent for consumers, provide the collocation with ceramic tile color scheme. Construction is completed, if appear problem, timely will also provide the perfect solution, let consumers have no trouble back at home. Without formal caulking guerrillas no professional training, not formed a good set of caulking, effect only in god's hands, once appear problem, often can't find the head, blame mistakes, make the owner to suffer losses. Do caulking, saving money is part of the consumer desire; But, the effect is the ultimate goal of caulking. As caulking architect or caulking franchisees, just price is definitely not a way out, it will is a dead end. We should do it by the product quality as the foundation, to provide customers with services to create value to the extreme, thus improving their own ability, form the caulking industry competitiveness. International industrial co. , LTD. , focusing on the caulking materials field, integrating r&d, production, sales, construction, training, after-sales at an organic whole, the main true porcelain series, water porcelain series, elegant porcelain series, water-based epoxy, beauty of edge, ceramic tile adhesive, etc. Years, founded the international, opens the exploration caulking field trip. Years, creation of caulking brand, set up headquarters in wuhan, central China, formally entering caulking market, carried out a series of management measures. Caulking years, to create our brand, two brands complement each other, to further expand the market share. Was founded, xuzhou, east China headquarters and rapidly expand service center, a year. Years to a service center. Year contract TongLei jie caulking image ambassador, in the same year to multiple service center. Years, mei ting signing for caulking image ambassador, after years of development, has built a modern production base - — Jinan, ma on shan dust-free factories; To set up an operational headquarters - — East China headquarters in xuzhou, jiangsu, hubei wuhan huazhong headquarters; Service center to achieve several, a second-tier cities across the country and cities at the county level.
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