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by:Kastar     2020-07-19
Years, son came to my life. Holding the soft enough to melt me life, I set yourself doing his father's only standard: 'don't like my dad, stubborn, temper, love to drink and impersonal. In addition to the child is born, not more than three years back, the reason is distance, work is busy, in fact, really so busy? Did the caulking actually all understand! In the Spring Festival, go home! Haven't to see far away a short thin figure stand at the village, the cold in his thin like a piece of paper. Home, the old house and old courtyard, decades hasn't changed, but still warm, after all, there are all my childhood. Dad, I cried, gently, perhaps three years no see, maybe I am a father also, shout out the word, never easily seem so prosperous natural today. See grew up little grandson, magic as he pulled out a plush toy, but like a wrong children stand in situ, don't know how to let the children accept, it with him. New Year's eve night, he was wearing when I do ten years ago when he earned my first money, buy him a down jacket, took the children to set off firecrackers. 'Your dad was timid, even afraid to point' fireworks, father turned to a new kindergarten children once talked me. From a stroke he falter, but mentally alert. About the father of the past, in the new time, the avalanche pour out. The city back to bring me a cake, teach me how to play Chinese chess, I catch fish with shrimp, lunar driving a tractor in the morning to the mountain stone, earn freight. In fact, he is also the first time when dad! I hate him alcohol, but with friends when a complaint on the wine table, see he also had to relief of anguish; I'm fed up with his smoke, but when he cigarette butts to grandson a firecracker, understand him under pressure; I like the movie 'like father, like son' in the last a group of lens: in a forked road, father and son on a wild palace, keep parallel, with almost the speed of walking. Road will eventually meet, they will choose the settlement, go together. But for many, the settlement is not from a flash, but for many years, or even a lifetime.
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