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Archaize brick fill what color of ceramic tile seam an agent

by:Kastar     2020-07-17
Now people pursuit of beauty is really block all stop pace, for household adornment more and more attention, and even begin to pay close attention to caulking agent and ceramic tile color details, today let us fill with ceramic tile seam an agent small make up together to literacy.

first talk about the color of caulking agent, ceramic tile seam filling agent has three series, light series, the second series and metal series, a total of 30 kinds of colors. Light series have a pure white moonlight, shallow bright yellow, shallow bright grey, ivory white, silver, black pearl, treasure 'and so on a variety of colors, matte series have the matte black, matte white, matte grey, matt brown, inferior smooth yellow, red rock, wheat yellow and other colors in brown, metal series of lutetium gold, grey, stainless steel, etc.

and ceramic tile ceramic tile seam filling agent how to match colors:

light series mainly with light brick, such as bo changes a brick, glazed tile, etc. Its colour is gorgeous, gloss is strong, have qualitative feeling, and fine texture, tie-in colour is more harmonious and light brick, are the ceramic tile of good partners.

second series designed with archaize brick and inferior smooth brick is used. Its color is rich, full, simple sense is strong, present a dull luster after use, and archaize brick collocation of color and luster is even more coordination, more can reflect the grade of the archaize brick; Archaize brick is good partners.

metal series of colour and lustre is gorgeous, and has strong metal texture. Blossom a bright colour and lustre after use. Lutetium gold color with the color such as white, black, gold, grey tile used together can reflect more quality and grade of the ceramic tile.

in pursuit of the perfect owner, can looking for a sewing technicians to professional sewing, have individual character of owner can also choose to match the color of the aesthetic that accords with oneself, at the same time, we can also according to you the color to single color matching of ceramic tile, the wall ground after adornment integral effect is better.
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