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At home how to remove the gap filling agent on the surface of the ceramic tile?

by:Kastar     2020-07-24
Domestic outfit, if the use is not very good coating, stick to the surface. Do you want to be clear, caulking agent to join the small make up today to share something about cleaning method. Bo changes a brick is generally not easy into the color on the market, the remaining material residual should be surface stains. If contaminated time is not long, you can first take full moisture contamination, use cleaner patiently scrubbed, reoccupy clear water wash patient should be able to color. Also can wash with a certain concentration of alcohol directly, if has solidified, can soak in hot water for a period of time and then wash off with alcohol. No alcohol, high concentration of wine is also possible. If there are stains suggest using hydrochloric acid to try small area effect. If the color is filled seam an agent has penetrated into the bo changes a brick, can use the oxalic acid cleaning. If the above method is still not enough to solve your problem, you can also buy a dedicated caulking agent cleaner. Caulking agent cleaning agent is after construction for clean caulking agent residue on the surface of the ceramic tile, special products, is a kind of appearance is colorless transparent liquid, ammonia smell, can quickly clean ceramic tile of stone material surface gap filling agent, crystal gap filling agent, paint, asphalt, adhesive, adhesive paper, adhesive tape residue, such as residual stains. Residual materials contain pectin, caulking agent reminded that use caulking agent construction personnel in the caulking agent construction to bring gloves, in case of caulking agent paste on the hand, the construction of have the residual, be sure to clean up as soon as possible, conditional word crepe paper must be used.
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