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Attention, decorate the place must not save!

by:Kastar     2020-07-21
In decorating a process, everyone may not is the local tyrants, decorate a budget is limited. So some owner decorate in the early planning for some decoration project will make some trade-offs, though some do appropriate to reduce some costs, the adornment effect and quality of life will not have what change, but in some ways to cut costs, is bound to a variety of impact on life after. Hydropower base material can not save one: water and electricity is in neat family begin to decorate after operation, the hydropower decoration affect the owner after the electricity, the layout of water planning, to a certain extent, also affect the water electricity requirement of owner. If failure to water and electricity lines, in decorating a process, in the future will likely appliances with hydropower without coordination and give up the original idea, it is also possible in the future life in the plug is not enough use, water is not reasonable, and so on and so forth, seriously affected the owner's life experience. And, water and electricity as the decoration in the foundation construction, itself is a buried in the wall of outer tube package. If the poor quality of pipes, wires, will someday frequent power outages, water. Therefore, in order to life after considering owner, water and electricity should be planned in advance to the line, and choose quality better when decorate material, to prevent the occurrence of repair in the future. Cannot save the second: ceramic tile ceramic tile design and color is various, different style, is the owner to prefer adornment building materials. Although the ceramic tile market more mature, but some do not understand market may also be confused by the owner, choose the ceramic tile material is not very good. Ceramic tile ontology is relatively heavy, and ceramic tile stores also have certain purchasing quantity, if the tile is cracked in the home, so not only can't buy, and handling is a big problem. In addition, the quality of ceramic tile is not only easy to crack, inferior ceramic tile, unscientific way of the shop is stuck, ceramic tile is possible disaster. Without such as ceramic tile seam, ceramic tile heat bilges cold shrink and ground case become warped and fragmented; After the use of floor heating, inferior ceramic tile sends out a disgusting odor, endanger the health of the family; Accidentally in the ceramic tile of a stain, the stain, not only difficult to clean up, also can be very slippery, on the surface of the ceramic tile children, older people are easy to fell to the ground. For the owner family health, should go to normal ceramic tile shop, choose more famous brand to buy ceramic tile. For ceramic tile aperture, the owner can choose quality qualified filled seam an grout to fill the gap. Caulking can either as adornment, also can prevent BengCi phenomenon in a ceramic tile, protect black ceramic tile aperture is not moldy, maintain your family's health. Can't province third: waterproof material waterproof material is mainly used for kitchen and bathroom, occasionally use the balcony. Where the owner may use water, without waterproof, water will be downstairs to residents, as the penetration of inconvenience downstairs owner's life. And leakage to infiltrate the cement base, it is also possible in the area of water seepage appear whiskering phenomenon, neither beautiful nor will gradually corrosion on the ground, to the owner. Owner in planning, if it is used for a long time water room, advice when decorate waterproof will do a good job together. Do waterproof, must do in waterproof dry after water storage test, only to recognize and correct the downstairs neighbors to do the follow-up after decoration. In addition, in order to prevent appear upstairs to come to repair the owner, if owner to do condole top, also should make removable condole top, leave a little space for each other's maintenance, to avoid unnecessary trouble. Cannot save four: hardware sanitary ware toilet bear the owner is part of daily life, but a lot of water can cause long-term moist space. It, for inside toilet hardware sanitary ware are less comfortable environment, if don't keep up with the quality, will have rusty and damaged easily. As a result, owners when choosing this kind of goods, try to choose some price is higher, higher quality, word of mouth is also a better hardware fittings. For the sake of the life in the future in the necessary space is also important to spend the necessary money. Furthermore, the dry wet depart of toilet and prolong the service life of toilet is important one annulus. Choose the shower curtain or bathroom glass, are also need the owner choose waterproof, better product quality, prevent black mold, glass breakage. In addition to the above points, the environmental protection of lumber, the softness of mattess, kitchen cabinet height and so on all is the place where the owner needs to pay attention. Decoration is a university asked, on the premise of economic allow, the appropriate trade-off is the owner have to do homework. The command of the knowledge, can let owner in later life enjoy convenient and wonderful. International industrial co. , LTD. The main gap filling product, owns, and xin jie, royal nest, porcelain four categories of brand, to meet the needs of all kinds of decoration. Caulking product color beautiful, do not contain formaldehyde, crack resistance to alkali, foil whole decorates a style, both for the owner to maintain a green living environment.
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