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Away from the inferior gap filling agent, build the 'net' breathing space!

by:Kastar     2020-07-20
Decorate a fear? Is the culprit of formaldehyde pollution of household, but there are also many more terrible things than formaldehyde, because people don't know of their existence, so that some unscrupulous businessmen more unscrupulous use inferior products, not only harm caulking teacher healthy body, more to the consumers themselves have brought great hidden trouble. The inferior ceramic tile aperture use caulking agent is also decorate one of the main pollution sources, caulking inferior materials flooding the market, many inferior material production ingredients to add a lot of toxic substances, accidentally to choice is not the caulking agent products of environmental protection, these toxic substances will and we are under the same roof were breathing, hurting the family's health. With caulking products in the market share gradually expand, eli derived a series of small workshops of OEM products, these have no certification, no quality inspection of caulking products while the price is low, but there are infinite quality hidden trouble. Some businesses to vicious competition, using the cheap raw materials to produce substandard gap filling agent, containing formaldehyde, benzene, nonylphenol carcinogens, such as the harm to human body of nonyl phenol. Let us know the nonylphenol this substance, nonylphenol and nonylphenol, referred to as 'NP, structured for CHCHOH English name: Nonyl PhenolCAS No. :- - Molecular formula: appearance: colorless or light yellow liquid, slightly phenol odour boiling point ( Per cent) The physicochemical properties: ~ ℃ ℃ or higher flash point with phenol odour, insoluble in water, soluble in acetone, alcohol. The molecular structure of nonylphenol contained phenol hydroxyl - OH, could play a good role in promoting of colloid curing reaction; 。 Nonyl long carbon chain has good flexibility, convenient type of caulking agent. Nonylphenol have good water resistance, can give the colloid high surface gloss, flexibility, reduce moisture sensitivity of colloid. These so-called 'advantages' attracted many unscrupulous vendors, many caulking division for caulking product as soon as possible complete curing, will add nonylphenol. Nonylphenol endocrine interference effects in animals, is a recognized environmental hormone, it can simulate the female hormone, impact on biological sexual development, and interfere with the biological endocrine, to the reproductive system toxicity, can lead to reduce the size of the human male sperm. At the same time, nonylphenol ( NP) Can through the food chain in the organisms accumulate constantly, so the research has shown that even if emission concentration is very low, also has a great deal of harm. In early years, the ministry of environmental protection by the General Administration of Customs and the China strictly limit the catalogue of import and export of toxic chemicals have nonylphenol ( NP) And nonylphenol polyoxyethylene ether ( NPE) As a ban on the import and export. Caulking all products don't add nonylphenol! Don't do inferior low price products! For caulking agent do not compromise quality, strictly control the source of caulking products through the national building healthy environmental protection detection, the eu SGS detect health gap filling test report, all testing standard, did not detect nonylphenol formaldehyde, benzene, and other harmful substances. Ceramic tile is filled seam an agent, to protect our green home life, let owner with more peace of mind. To standardize the market for caulking, and help more people entrepreneurial success, let more family can use environmental protection excellent gap filling product, caulking open to new pattern cooperation! Zero jiamingfei, zero stores, manufacturers direct, price concessions, quality assurance, brand advantage, professional training, after-sale! Owners and caulking of caulking hope hand in hand more people involved, resolutely resist the inferior gap filling agent, also for our own interests, refused to harmful substances. Caulking, as a famous brand, with a lot of caulking division cooperation, help countless owner made a and a good caulking, let owner worry, let owner more at ease and comfort. Caulking established purpose is to create value for the partner, create opportunities for employees and create happiness for the family, to add to a harmonious society.
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