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Bear in mind that these seven steps, save money and convenient caulking agent construction

by:Kastar     2020-07-16
Many owners want to give family do caulking on ceramic tile, please people construction it is a little high, and fear can't find on caulking master. Caulking, actually do not need to find workers to operate, their construction is also very simple, a few steps, remember can very good finish caulking.

1, clear: many cracks inside there will be a lot of padding, lead to crack looks very small, to open the aperture at least 1. The width of 5 mm, if it is a hard material such as cement, requires professional chefs use cutting machine, please clean up; Also will crack impurities and dust clean, especially the gap on both sides, even at the same time will be about 3 mm gap from the depth, so as to ensure the adhesion of caulking agent.

2, stick: do you want to be met not smooth surface of ceramic tile gap filling, must in the gap on both sides of the affix, crepe paper filled seam an agent that can guarantee no direct contact with ceramic tile, can better more than clear glue, if there is no crepe paper, you can also use the caulking wax in isolation, prevent caulking agent directly hit on the ceramic tile.

3, put: after installed rubber hose, just hit the caulking agent cannot use, need to put off directly, through the length of the hose is playing out to be about 40 cm, is to ensure that the caulking agent in rubber mixing, this paragraph of caulking agent without mixing, fill in the gap inside also won't cure, can affect the effect of other caulking instead.

4, fill: a two-component caulking agents need to use glue gun, glue, glue guns use method is very simple, press with finger handle can pressure the adhesive, but don't press, so easy to use bad glue guns, arm also easy ache; The quantity of glue can be according to the press the handle and the glue guns don't too fast movement speed, to make plenty of caulking agent into the gap.

5, press: after fill in the gap, gap filling agent needs to wait for the precipitation pressure of the reentry after seam, use the appropriate seam pressure tool, press down along the gap fill compaction seam an agent can make it with the gap can be fully contact, to ensure the full effect; Seam pressure when one time, don't repeat seam, Yin and Yang Angle place can use special clamp, simple operation.

6, shovel, caulking agent after dry glue can be a shovel, scooping up gently with the shovel knife can tear up; But if the ceramic tile with a textured paper, need after seam pressure after 10 minutes of tear, don't wait for caulking dry then tore, gap filling agent, dry after a hard very difficult to crepe paper torn off.

7, check: don't be so quick to clean up the ground after complete the caulking, need to check whether there is missing, check in each step is completed, so as not to forget pressure sewing or glue, once found that can remedy in the first place.

7 steps, follow these steps one by one can do well, but don't forget before construction must wear old clothes, put on the gloves construction, avoid caulking agent clear glue is bad to the body.
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