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Beijing li bei and adornment: change!

by:Kastar     2020-07-23
Caulking is not so easy you think DE professional people do professional crack-cleaning, vacuuming, glue, glue cleaning - - - - - - To see is a simple gap filling process, have very cattle industry decoration company: up Beijing li bei and architectural decoration engineering co. , LTD. ( Year established, registered capital of million yuan) 。 Port in 'western China science and technology innovation project' construction, chose the XX caulking construction team, cause the overall engineering brick BengCi 'loss' 'delays' head 'brand damaged' beautiful 'at the scene of the fire emit three zhangs, shouted: change! Emergency invitation 'team' field guidance. 'International industrial co. , LTD. , has:, jie brand, such as is filled seam an agent in China industry standard compilation. With the mass production base ( Nanjing, jinan, ma on shan) , big partners, exported to Japan, Australia. 'By ( In Switzerland, the world's first) SGS CNAS on STC ISO ISO and other international certification. Nano report elegant porcelain report net soft in view of the problems left over by early, each screen, personalization solutions, the scene teaching demonstration. Against domestic outfit, welcome to inquiry caulking focus, tooling have special customized solutions service telephone: Chen:
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