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Business schools: the 2018 elite acting training classes!

by:Kastar     2020-07-21
After nearly a year of preparation, the caulking training course content to upgrade again! Starting from the caulking market this year, absorb the caulking experience, to allow partners to grow better. Now, ready, the official start of the school first elite acting training sign up! Registration information training time: June 21 - June 21, Early - month day On Friday night) Time signing up: - February 2nd June 21, Sunday evening deadline) Registration number: only one agent, when jay dealers, service providers, when jay service provider for registration. Training location: caulking east China headquarters meeting room ( Jiangsu xuzhou yunlong district shimao tower - New Territories ) Charge standard: they judged the yuan, including meeting room and board ( People in groups were yuan, conglobation yuan) Conference accommodation: month, day two nights conference meals: month, lunch, dinner, Chinese food registration way: the intention and attendees need to contact you and docking of customer manager consultation, believe that your partner registration, has been waiting for the training for a long time. Training after the meeting, held in the month of the year I have been to hear views and want to own more professional knowledge in a line of business partners. Also imagine all sorts of solutions, therefore, is constantly in the practice of integrating melting, had some about caulking new comprehension and analysis of the market. This course, is the collection development of the New Year, to recognition of the market. Innovation, is still the continuation of the previous part of the preferential policies. Group training is more favorable! Welcome to partner with his partner together to participate in training, and can give the partner group purchase price: people together just yuan, only yuan people in groups. Operational caulking market, only by one's knowledge is not enough, everyone has different understanding of the market of caulking. Invite your partners charging, develops the market in the future, also can be a more meaningful reference. Promote small gift free of charge! Market at the same time, the necessary publicity materials is needed. A printed brochure of enterprise culture, can let partners more confident when talking about single. A winter uniform clothes, make the overall image up another level. These are small, but it can start from details, let the customer trust in you added a point. Service opportunities waiting for you! If you want to go even further in the caulking market better, with more abundant professional knowledge at the same time, have a wider platform is also important. To participate in the course of cooperation partners, have the opportunity to upgrade to service providers, and jie. If you want to discuss, xuzhou international molecular professional managers to customers, the company will be one to one, to communicate with you in detail, let each other more close relations of cooperation, also let partners get more opportunities for development. These preferential policy only auxiliary tools, development partners for caulking dry cargo market, the is also selected a number of different point of view, let the caulking market situation at a glance, provides many new ideas for development partners. On behalf of the elite to the master! The speaker of the course, by the international marketing director Chen speaker. Chen on caulking market for many years, witnessed the caulking drifting sinking of the market, and many years of sales experience, also learned her for caulking market keen sense of smell. Course on the same day, Chen will be starting from the basic knowledge of caulking, gradually spread to caulking market at present, the development of the market, caulking industry at present, in the presence of partners to provide a dry caulking full knowledge lecture. Believe that listening to Chen simple analysis, partners to fill the seam caulking products, the market will have a new cognition. Market analysis public! On the part of the instance, the market before the training has been at the meeting did not have a chance to do very detailed explanation for partners. Listen to all sides, the decision after market practice, sum up the experiences of caulking market, and share with the partners present in the course, let they can according to their own local market experience to choose the right direction. This knowledge, I believe that as long as it is to expand the scope of business partners, to be able to learn the importance of it. This sharing, learn partners rare propaganda knowledge, also can let them feel the sincerity of cooperation. Principle of dynamic direction! Want to fill in ceramic tile seam an grout based in the market, understand the caulking market dynamic and will be in the future. International has been operating years in caulking market after gap filling grout, single tube filled seam an grout, a two-component gap filling agent, water porcelain caulking products such as age, known as the caulking market development. Origin of combing caulking market, is a professional and trustworthy. In addition, also have sales elite, including Chen, they in the caulking industry has its own unique market experience. The caulking trend analysis, this part also integrates sales elite to discuss the results, to guide all of partners, let each other in the caulking market can go further. The school of business, don't talk about the actual theory, starting from the caulking market of today, only for partners to bring full of sincerity of specialized courses and business guidance. If you believe that the strength, the quickly action, contact docking account manager to sign up with you, in the month, look forward to learning together with you!
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