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Caulking, a kneeling through industry!

by:Kastar     2020-07-17
How long will it be before you make money? How much deposit do you have? Ability to resist risk? Have you decided that an industry to drill down? Children spend money, but cash-strapped, ever want to fan yourself? Caulking, a kneeling through industry! Kneeling rave kneeling stickers kneeling material - - - - From time to time that also contain brand owner, is your choice of life road, 'kneeling also to go out I had years of caulking sales and zhenzhen with caulking division has for a long time to get along with, through their choice and preparation, to talk about cooperation order, from computing project to end construction, from to avoid flying to well packaged, from the customer default model is helpless to fulfill the object of construction, learning from itself to the team. 。 。 。 Physical suffering psychological pain when I see in the eye but after harvest, heart filled with gratitude - again - - - Currently: male caulking probably accounted for %, female caulking t %. Into the crowd and the loss of the crowd is flat, this is a what type of work? That we know about the cough up ~ the cost of rework is a double look nondescript a gap, but involves the livelihood of millions of caulking division problem. There is no fixed income standard of caulking industry. Effort is the peak season, don't work hard is the off-season, a month do not on the list. Daily homework is run or in the owner's house construction, the residential area in area A, today in area B tomorrow, the day after tomorrow as long as customers in area C across A phone call, rushing, night shift, high temperature and heat, low temperature cold will obligatory again! Will also put the small ads, large covered with elevator all over the wall, Allow advertising) , 'buy me buy me,' the fierce situation not lose jack lee. Caulking is small, but as consumer upgrades, caulking division will walk into homes, don't expect you to be caring and attentive, only to rely on their hands to have a meal, at least, normal respect, will be satisfied
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