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Caulking agent and caulking agent both have what advantage?

by:Kastar     2020-07-16
Ceramic tile caulking actually is also a very important thing, because of worry about ceramic tile in life in the future because of the problem of heat bilges cold shrink rupture, so the general teacher at the time of ceramic tile is to leave some gap between ceramic tile, and after ceramic tile in the shop a lot of people also know for caulking tile, this also is in order to facilitate cleaning, and now on the market generally caulking material with caulking agent and gap filling agent, how should we choose? If it is the ceramic tile of toilet caulking should pay attention to what? Together and see it!

actually caulking agent and caulking agent role are similar, but the use of these two kinds of material of the raw material is different, the price and performance will be a little different, we can choose through the gap, when choose ceramic tile of laid of general if left a larger gap, when filled seam an agent is suggested to choose, because more beautiful with large aperture, caulking agent that if a small aperture is advised to choose a filled seam an agent, because cheap effect is good.

if it is used in the bathroom, toilet generally advised to choose a gap filling agent, because gap filling agent, although cheap, but there is also a weakness is easy to moldy after long black, waterproof performance and artistic performance than filled seam an agent, so do not recommend the caulking agent is used in the bathroom in the home.

although says caulking agent price is more expensive, but actually waterproof caulking agent and mouldproof effect are guaranteed, even after long time also need not worry about moldy affect beautiful, after this hotel will be more save worry.
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