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Caulking agent and caulking agent what is the difference?

by:Kastar     2020-07-17
People used to use white cement pointing, pointing with color caulking agent in recent years, but after a few months decorate ceramic tile seam filling agent manufacturer down experience will find: ceramic tile seam will be yellow dirty black, and the darker, it has brought a bedroom beautiful not harmonious, and yellow black brick joints are breeds a lot of bacteria, affecting people in good health. Today home sitting room, often encounter between hutch defends ceramic tile aperture change from white to black, beautiful extremely health problems, black brick joints breeds bacteria, produce peculiar smell, cause serious damage to human body health. Caulking agent and caulking agent has essential difference. Caulking agent: ingredients are white cement and trace of polymer, pigment; White white degree about %, the surface is slightly higher than that of white cement strength; In short gap filling agent white degree is low, paste strength is low, pulverization phenomenon is serious, prone to yellow brick joints become dirty, is mould to breeding grounds in damp environment, direct hook wide brick joints can produce a large number of cracks, the only advantage is low price. Caulking agent: it is the replacement of the gap filling agent, its decorate a gender gap filling agent color caulking agent is obviously better than the practicability, kitchen, toilet wall ground brick joints used for a period of time will be yellow black, imports of caulking agent can do previously unsolvable problems, now have a best solution, is to use the caulking agent. Above is filled seam an agent small make up summary of caulking agent and gap filling agent, hope to be of help, want to know more, please contact us!
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