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Caulking agent and jointing agent and what is the difference between caulking agent?

by:Kastar     2020-07-24
In order to make the brick surface effect is more beautiful, more waterproof and so viscous materials indispensable. And viscous material in the gap filling agent, jointing agent and caulking agent is relatively common. So gap filling agent, what is the difference between jointing agent and gap filling agent, what are the three viscous material? Fill it with the ceramic tile seam an agent to descend small make up. Q: what is filled seam an agent? 。 The polymer is mainly composed of high-tech content and high grade pigments and special additives with fine, rich colors, bright color, and with gold, silver, pearl color, stainless steel color, suitable for match with various color of ceramic tile; 。 White white degree about %, the hard surface of high strength, such as porcelain; 。 It is bright and clean, smooth surface, such as porcelain, easy-to-clean, dirty a wipe clean, convenient and clean, waterproof and moistureproof, oil resistant anti-fouling, acid and alkali resistant, avoid health dead Angle, can often maintain the original color, and not pollution when construction ceramic tile; Use the most caulking agent cost. Q: what is the meaning of the jointing agent? 。 Composition of white cement: single color, divided into ordinary white cement and decorative white cement, the former strength slightly tall, whiteness is controlled in %, the strength is low, whiteness around %; 。 White degree is low, white cement paste strength is low, pulverization phenomenon is serious, prone to yellow brick joints become dirty, are mold breeding ground in damp environment, direct hook wide brick joints can produce a large number of cracks, the only advantage is low price. Q: what is filled seam an agent? 。 Ingredients are white cement and trace of polymer, pigment. 。 White white degree about %, the surface is slightly higher than that of white cement strength; 。 Color caulking agent color is more, but dim lacklustre, general effect of archaize brick pointing slightly better; The color bright, high glossiness of ceramic tile, especially for these types of Mosaic, Mosaic brick joints and more wide, use color caulking agent far significantly affect the overall effect, wall ground close look at the brick and the seam brightness difference is too big, not harmonious; 。 When color caulking agent construction easy pollution, on the surface of the ceramic tile cleaning more trouble, most had to choose white tick off seam caulking agent; 。 Color caulking agent after using, like white cement brick joints are easy to become dirty, this is what people often choose in floor tile when jointing the cause of the black filled seam an agent, because choose other color hair flower soon, and it is hard to scrub clean. Caulking agent is the cement base inorganic material, the disadvantage is that: use after a period of time is easy to dirty black, low intensity, off powder is not waterproof, especially the bathroom will smell after crack water seepage cause a bacterium extremely easily harm your family's health. Caulking agent is a new type of organic materials: smooth surface, such as magnetic, gap the same dirty black, waterproof. A brush and clean the dirty on the ground, like a toilet use after gap filling agent, can guarantee there will be no peculiar smell and can restrain the breeding of bacteria to protect your family's health. Caulking agent curing surface into glaze porcelain face later, oil pollution prevention ability strong, easy to clean. Contrary and gap filling agent, need professional cleaning agents to deal with. The distinction between the most main is also the most simple is a kind of oily, a kind of oily, caulking agent price is higher, the average user is difficult to accept, and construction costs is not cheap, and caulking agent is much cheaper, and construction costs is not high, the construction is simple. But the caulking agent with caulking agent is used for ceramic tile gap filling materials, which is good, look at the actual demand of the owner, all in their own home. Above is filled seam an agent to join in the factory about the gap filling agent, jointing agent and caulking agent what is the difference between the content of the introduction, hope to be able to help a friend to have this aspect demand. Understanding between the three ingredients, performance, price, etc. , so as to better to choose the appropriate viscous material for decoration.
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