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Caulking agent and the difference between the glass glue, and see who they are

by:Kastar     2020-07-17
Glass glue and caulking agent are when decorate, we use tools, so we must have a certain understanding about them, but people only know them, but don't know what is the difference between them, and then together we know about the difference between gap filling agent and glass glue, and see who they are.

caulking agent

1, caulking agents are generally divided into two kinds of traditional caulking agent as well as the new caulking agent, traditional caulking agent coating on the top of the filled seam an agent is needed to have the effect of gap filling, and the new type of caulking agent don't need you to use the caulking agent to do the bottom can be directly applied in ceramic tile aperture, and generally applies to more than 2 mm gap filling, very convenient, the upgrading of caulking agent products.

2, a new type of caulking is generally made up of new polymer and high-grade paint, it belongs to a half a flow of liquid, with white cement is different, the color of caulking agent more, and it also has certain mouldproof effect, don't have to worry about with a period of time is long hair, moldy.

3, a new type of caulking agent also has the gloss, and color is very natural, delicate, such as gold, silver, pearl color is very good-looking. And the white and black filled seam an agent than traditional white cement or color caulking agent effects better.

glass glue

1, glass glue to all kinds of glass. Products with the other. Its only for bonding and sealing materials, glass glue is mainly divided into two categories, the silicone rubber and polyurethane rubber ( PU) , silicone rubber sealant is usually say that the glass glue, also is a kind of glass glue is very common.

2, glass glue according to performance can also be divided into two kinds, respectively is neuter glass glue and acidity glass glue, like our toilet, sink, metope, crack and other different places you need to use to the different performance of glass glue, in this way can we better effect.

3, neuter glass glue usage scenario is more commonly, because it does not corrosion items, so most of the furniture can be used, and acidity glass glue tend to use the dumb mouth on the back of the wooden line, because this kind of glass glue adhesive ability is very strong, but is corrosive is not recommended for use on the metal products.

caulking agent and glass glue is in decorating a process we need to use the product, although sometimes it is filled seam an agent can be used instead of glass glue, but they still have certain difference, two best according to their functions, to give them to prepare the right place.
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