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Caulking agent can bear completely waterproof

by:Kastar     2020-07-18
Now household is decorated in, the waterproof one seems to be the topic of everyone concerned. Professionals for our simple introduce caulking agent have waterproof effect how? Waterproof material in such a big role in our life, especially the waterproof of ceramic tile, not only good for you, also affects the household environment and health of others. So we do in buy waterproofing materials, waterproofing project must not be overlooked either, with caulking agent after caulking, beautification of ceramic tile surface, not only to do the waterproof layer ceramic tile, choose good waterproof, do a good job in family waterproof can resist the daily with water at home such as hutch defends, let a person able to live in a healthy and comfortable environment, avoid neighborhood disputes, also can have the household, woodiness floor, such as protection, prevent water infiltration wall corrosion buildings, in particular, the wooden furniture. Caulking agent bonding and closed to reduce the firm put forth effort, color is strong, has the flexibility of crack prevention and decoration simple sense is good, wear resistance, pressure resistance characteristics of anti-fungal, can make it perfect to repair the crack or damage on the surface of the floor, it can also paint on the surface, has a good waterproof. Caulking agent rich color, the color is also available, so more and more popular with customers, to achieve good results, must pay attention to when using. 。 Caulking agent in cement brick paving construction (7 days before Ceramic tile adhesive brick construction in two days) Construction temperature is below. First Mosaic surface or stone material surface and even seam must be clean, use a damp cloth to wet the surface, but don't leave the water, to reduce the Mosaic on the suction hole pigments and cement, and guarantee its coloring and condensation degree finally. 。 In order to help control color and reduce pulverization, in - Hours using the cotton cloth or dry towel to wipe clean surface. 。 In the first hours must pay attention to prevent drying caulking agent ( In particular the construction of outdoor exposure to the sun side) When available natural kraft paper to cover the construction plane ( Had better not use plastic or newspaper) To prevent other construction work do new even seam soiled. Note:. Tile after finishing mortar joint needs to be done as soon as possible. 。 Cannot use acid cleaning has caulking brick, can't construction in the case of the rain. 。 Please don't specify material with other materials.
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