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Caulking agent common problems finishing solutions

by:Kastar     2020-07-23
Caulking agent has become an indispensable part of a family to decorate now, but we found that users in use at the same time will create many problems. As some families use is seamless brick, also need not to need seam? If you want to leave word need to leave how wide? Small make up, and so on, these questions today caulking agent is often made some statistics to solve issues I hope can help to you. , my home is seamless brick need seam? Probably leave how wide? Answer: seamless brick must also stay seaming, mm width. 。 The depth of the mm. How wide, archaize brick leave seam more beautiful? A: - Mm is better. Leave the mm is ideal finished caulking is clear. Seam, be sure to check? A: be sure to check, caulking agent stick on gap filling agent, both economic and bonding degree of prison again. With caulking agent can be done to reflect the effect of good brick, material after the brick that generally feel raised several layers. , caulking agent is filled seam an agent, a? Answer: not well, it is the upgrade product of caulking agent, is used to solve the caulking agent will not solve the problem of the ceramic tile seam black, caulking agent more upscale, hardness and colour and lustre is better. Dry to form a surface of porcelain and ceramic tile as waterproof and oil, dirty can swab with ceramic tile, thoroughly solved the problems of ceramic tile seam black. , my family has lived for several years, still can use? A: yes, as long as will clean the old sewing thin layer above scrape with caulking agent on besmear is ok. Because it has beautiful adornment effect and actual effect, you can do all the gap, can also selectively, such as the wet kitchen and toilet.
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