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Caulking agent compared with gap filling agent, which is a more affordable price?

by:Kastar     2020-07-25
compared with gap filling agent, which is a more affordable price? We all know that our home decorate must need shop sticks ceramic tile, or tile, marble, granite, etc. , and need to use material filled between the brick and the brick, this kind of material is called & other; & throughout; 。 also called jointing agent, ceramic tile or floor tile is used in home. As people more and more high to the requirement of decorate beautiful degrees, and there was another more beautiful caulking agent & ndash; — .

caulking agent and caulking agent respectively is what?
caulking agent in cement based materials, it is composed of white cement, pigment, and trace the polymer, the surface is slightly higher than that of white cement strength, whiteness is around 86%; And the main material of caulking agent is polymer paint, its strength is higher, the color white is about 95%.

what is the difference between gap filling agent and caulking gun?
caulking agent when we buy bricks will be attached with the brick generally, but directly use. However, the use of caulking agent caulking, easy yellow brick joints become dirty, and if the ground wet for a long time may cause mould. Actually in terms of price is filled seam an agent price significantly higher, since the higher because it must be a little more advanced. compared caulking agent, its color to choose more rich and colorful: has a bright white porcelain beige pearl white bright black contracted dazzle bright gold shows ash shallow bright gold and gold silver storm emerald green gold, ivory can match with various styles of brick. And it is convenient and clean, waterproof and moistureproof ability is better than the gap filling agent.

caulking agent is the upgrade of traditional caulking agent products, caulking agent compared with the previous gap filling agent, has many characteristics, and caulking agent obviously than caulking agent works a lot.

caulking agent using range is very wide, such as ceramic tile, Mosaic, stone, wood, gypsum board, aluminum-plastic plate, glass and so on, these decorative material cracks are caulking agent may be used. Besides, caulking agent have burnish, color is rich, natural and exquisite, such as gold, silver, pearl color, black and white, color chromaticity is significantly higher than gap filling agent, brings better overall effect to the wall, so much stronger than decorative color caulking agent.

excellent gap filling agent will bring an outfit decoration or more places a better future, with the expansion of the market, caulking agent will become ceramic tile and stone surface material such as sales and construction of very good partner, become one of the indispensable building materials decoration market.

of course, also said, in front of the caulking agent has so many advantages must be more expensive than filled seam an grout, right on the price gap filling agent, but the decision is that you, too. If you think of the money is not necessary, or not fill joints in obvious places, it is the direct use of distribution with the brick caulking gun. If you have high request for home beautiful degree, the recommended choice caulking agent. to your household decorates bring different visual impact!

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