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Caulking agent construction can effect, nice and durable?

by:Kastar     2020-07-16
Will do of very much now, and even a lot of people buy caulking agent to do-it-yourself home for caulking, but want to caulking agent construction effect is good and durable, must pay attention to this a few details:

1, ceramic tile aperture cleaning, to do all need to do before do caulking caulking ceramic tile aperture are clean again, there is cement overflow or gap too shallow, all want to delimit with box cutters, gap is clean, ensure that appropriate depth, and clean up the gap in the dust with cleaner, aperture of dust can make the gap filling agent and ceramic tile aperture bonding is not strong, in the late fall off easily. Gap is too shallow also can make caulking agent filling is too thin, later use process is easy to fall off.

2, before construction to ensure that the ground is dry, especially the dry ceramic tile aperture, so do caulking should be in ceramic tile can only be carried out after the shop is stuck 20 days caulking construction, and choose a sunny weather. Ceramic tile aperture moisture will affect the bonding fastness of caulking agent. The air humidity is big, can affect the solidification of caulking agent.

3, ceramic tile surface wax, wax make sure not to enter the ceramic tile aperture. If you can choose the best crepe paper, without the trouble back at home.

4, caulking agent when discharging mouth to smaller than ceramic tile aperture points or as big as ceramic tile aperture, can guarantee the caulking agent can play as much as possible into the ceramic tile aperture, aperture as full as possible, and then use, leveling the caulking agent played the full aperture and ceramic tile adhesive is strong.

wallpaper caulking construction simple, everyone, as long as pay attention to these details, can make the beautiful and durable ceramic tile gap filling.
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