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Caulking agent construction details that nots allow to ignore

by:Kastar     2020-07-15
As the decoration of the house more and more, caulking agent in decorating already belong to the more popular a kind of material, many families when choosing caulking agent construction, due to this kind of decorate material to understand enough, so there are a lot of ways, must be comprehensive to understand, so as not to affect their construction effect.

in caulking agent construction, for example, the need of construction of aperture, must want to effectively clean up, and when cleaning, use special tools, the legacy of building materials, such as dust through special tools to clean up, is the best way to wash, can guarantee during the construction, caulking agent can glue and other decorate material more deeply.

before construction, can be moist with a wet sponge aperture, the purpose, in order to let the caulking agent and on both sides of the decoration materials, as well as the backing material, can merge into an organic whole, so it can avoid ooze water, and be able to use the longer duration of protection.

in the caulking agent caulking, spend long don't construction, so as to avoid the next processing, affect the quality of the caulking agent construction, generally 2 - in the construction 3 meters, it must be as soon as possible through processing, and should clean up the legacy of gap filling agent, screeding filled seam an agent, but also to the compaction.

construction after, within 24 hours, be sure to do maintenance, don't be in the area of construction to trample, so as not to affect the construction effect.
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