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Caulking agent construction method and matters needing attention

by:Kastar     2020-07-16
Caulking agent construction seems very easy, just a few simple steps, but need to pay attention to the details of the many, not sure if good, will affect the final construction effect. Everyone in the caulking agent construction should be paid attention to the following:

1. Everyone should try to choose good, the weather and the temperature is relatively high construction temperature is usually 5 ~ 35 is better, please don't outdoor use in rainy day.

2. All ceramic tile surface should be clean before construction: dust cleaning the inside of the ceramic tile aperture, make a vacuum cleaner or he will sweep clean, need to make sure that no damp in ceramic tile aperture; No dust, particles.

3. Good but should also grasp the caulking agent construction order: after the first transverse vertical, clean up the grooves on both sides to show ceramic tile edge line of ceramic tile aperture; Pay attention to ceramic tile cross intersections need clean; Ceramic tile aperture to ensure a clean, dry; If not clean, caulking agent do not; If wet, caulking agent do not firm, caulking agent before, need to be on both sides of the cracks in the ceramic tile ceramic tile surface paste, crepe paper and crepe paper brick parallel seam.

4. Everyone in open caulking agent should also pay attention to the discharging mouth in case of injection to the ceiling, metope; Discharging mouth width is almost consistent and the seam width, so you can ensure that the fabric can be fully covered the base.

5. If you are a novice, it is recommended that first hit 20 cm & ndash; 50cm; Gradually after skilled, can play longer length, a gun when the glue guns flat, discharging mouth below material plate catch; Caulking when discharging need even less not more easily, note a long 1 m and scrape to evenness immediately, can not blow over a period of time again, caulking agent on the surface of partial lack of caulking agent in brick joints can fill again when cleaning.

6. In cross interface more small brick to apply in the first vertical seam, then apply the principle of the horizontal seam, met cross intersection, note after caulking agent to here should skip the blow gently, make less caulking agent into the cross stitch. Cross brick joints seam width should be consistent, should use a plastic cross positioning, otherwise affect beautiful.

7. Caulking agent construction needs in a timely manner after screeding off crepe paper, after a long time easily uprooted the caulking agent in the seam. It is worth noting: each finished once expected, the discharging mouth tape seal to prevent excessive material waste, to tick off seam when discharging mouth with a little since the material overflow, can use paper erasure.

the above is about caulking agent construction method and matters needing attention of relevant share, although occupies a small area of caulking agent, but its construction quality is directly related to the beautiful sex ground, everybody cannot careless!
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