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Caulking agent construction method is suitable for family use

by:Kastar     2020-07-23
Today with everyone know, oneself start work in the home do caulking agent construction steps: first, preparing for the construction and processing of ceramic tile seam, ceramic tile seam with small shovels to shovel out first within a millimeter deep grooves, this not only facilitate play filled seam an agent, and caulking agent in the groove can avoid excessive wear of the future. , then brush with xiaomao shovel dirt cleaned out. , ready to do a good job, can open gap filling agent, first the caulking agent with small awl mouth open, and then put on the glue guns, because the glue gun method is simple, brick along the seam. Seam, hit a brick with scraper will immediately ceramic tile aperture gap filling agent leveling. , new caulking agent is quick-drying type, so I play on a few centimeters with a wet sponge to clean up, otherwise we are not cleared. , two hours to fully cure the surface construction completion, hours working face can be normal use. If the operation is very simple? But if this is suitable for small range of repair, is a large area of ceramic tile gap filling is looking for a professional teacher to operate. Also look simply and professional ceramic tile gap filling operation, professional staff is required to operate. Full fill: ceramic tile aperture is empty, nothing inside, direct to fill our seam an agent; - do you usually do Times filled seam an agent, and even more times; Cost is doubled. Half fill: ceramic tile aperture fill, fill the jointing agent; Use clean sewing tools out tile edges ( Used for bonding gap filling agent) ; Depth about. mm; Into a caulking agent
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