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Caulking agent construction method?

by:Kastar     2020-07-16
Convinced that part of the owner, also don't know the construction process of gap filling agent, as well as the need to pay attention to what issues? Today let we have years of experience of caulking return details for you to do a simple introduction,
within 3 mm gap at the bottom don't tick off seam filling agent, can be directly with caulking agent into the ceramic tile seam, if you want to achieve a more perfect effect, can fill in seam an agent dry after 4 hours, construction the caulking agent again.

3 mm gap should first fill in jointing agent, the generation of jointing agent after drying, use clean seam straight cone launch 2 mm deep shallow groove, and the construction of caulking. Construction way

1, the caulking agent tank bottom side down, on the ground gently knock against, make material sink to the bottom of tank, and then use a nail tong pot mouth, ( Tong mouth not to tank mouth to) Install plastic nozzle.

2, pull TAB at the bottom of the tank, ( TAB you will tank bottom) to the person Then put tanks on the glass glue gun.

3, with ash knife, brush or a vacuum cleaner to remove the cement in the ceramic tile seam and other sundry, then use glass glue guns even sew caulking agent into the ceramic tile.

4 scrape board of the ceramic tile seam gap filling agent, and then with a wet sponge to wipe the overflow on the ceramic tile of the remaining material. ( Every time the construction length should not be more than 30 cm, clean ceramic tile on the next period, the remaining material after construction to prevent ceramic tile is not easy to remove excess stock after curing. )

5, room temperature ( 25℃) Surface curing 2 hours, 24 hours to use intensity and reach full strength a week later.


1, the construction temperature 10 ℃ - 35 ℃, low temperature curing slow.

2, ceramic tile and caulking agent completely dry before construction.

3, product more than 5 ℃ avoid light preservation, avoid children touch.

4, open cans not jar mouth to people, will get eyes carelessly, quick rinse, and see the doctor.

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