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Caulking agent construction of those details do you know?

by:Kastar     2020-07-18
Ceramic tile gap filling agent manufacturers to introduce the below details about caulking agent construction:, ceramic tile aperture edge stain cleaning during the construction of caulking, ceramic tile aperture clean determines whether caulking agent construction prophase work quality, also the cleanness of ceramic tile aperture is often overlooked. Most of the teachers in clear when ceramic tile aperture, simply use scrub brush and sweep and shovel blade, vacuum suction clean directly after playing caulking agent for construction. Wait for caulking agent construction, curing reaction after the completion of the clearing more than expected, this time will find caulking agent edge there are black stains, usually not in caulking agent on the left is a black stain on the right side in besmirch, many teachers don't understand myself why. For the simple reason is a stain on the edge of the ceramic tile aperture is not clean, cause the caulking edge with a black stain. Solution: use gently caresses scraping knife edge of ceramic tile aperture, the cracks on the edge of the besmirch shave, caulking won't appear black stain. Gap is too small, what is unfit for caulking construction penetration slot is less than ceramic tile shop is stuck not strong, so the mm ceramic tile aperture is not can do caulking, below the mm for gap filling the gap requires a very complicated process, that is do processing kerf width in advance. How many mm gap, ceramic tile shop sticks reserved for caulking more appropriate ceramic tile shop sticks reserved aperture size without a fixed value, if given the gap filling effect and cost, ceramic tile shop sticks reserved aperture general advice in mm - — It is advisable to mm gap. The width of both meet the beautification effect of ceramic tile aperture do caulking, more takes into consideration of the cost of the individual, if left to cost factors, mm ceramic tile shop sticks reserved aperture is to make maximize caulking agent beautification effect. Determine success or failure, caulking agent products one-component caulking agent after years of innovation and development, has reached the situation, unable to break through the performance of the product functional limit greatly reduces the gap filling agent, beautiful degree, and the environmental protection standard. In simple terms one-component caulking agent has been gradually eliminated by the market. And two-component caulking agent products from raw materials and production technology, has become a mainstream product caulking construction, high-quality product quality, high-end beautification performance, healthy environmental protection material proportioning and mature guaranteed service system, two-component caulking agent is better, more sensible. Collocation to construction quality, construction tools and difficulty degree of manual glue guns with fingers pulled the squeeze the trigger, further squeeze the lever will launch the bottle filled seam an agent, think in terms of energy, are apparently more time-consuming manual glue gun, and construction will bring the arm fatigue for a long time, in turn, affects the stability of the sealant caulking agent, cause uneven glue, incoherent bad situation. Electric glue guns from energy saving, stable, easy to operate and so on the various advantages to replace manual glue guns, let caulking agent construction more convenient, more stable, more uniform. Factors, temperature curing time gap filling agent in the process of curing root indoor temperature are closely linked; The higher the temperature the shorter the curing time of caulking. Summer is generally for hours, winter is generally for an hour or so.
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