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Caulking agent deal with tiles decorated difficult problem

by:Kastar     2020-07-16
In the family decoration, ceramic tile is indispensable. But people tend to neglect of ceramic tile aperture, the ceramic tile seam jointing is not very seriously, once people use white cement jointing, with colorful caulking agent in recent years, Jointing agent) Tick off seam, but adornment a few months down will find: ceramic tile seam will be yellow dirty black, and that the more darker, it has brought a bedroom beautiful not harmonious, and yellow black ceramic tile seam breeds a lot of bacteria, affecting people in good health. Ceramic tile seam filling agent manufacturer to introduce this is because the white cement and caulking agent was mostly inorganic material, its waterproof function is poor, when scrubbing sewage seeping into brick seam, the clean the dirty black.

caulking agent as the promotion of traditional caulking agent products, its various aspects function are far beyond the gap filling agent, it to handle these problems. Caulking agent colour rich, natural is exquisite, has the gloss, do not fade, have very strong adornment effect, its various colors can be completely with different texture, the ceramic tile of different colour collocation, sew beautiful brick and tile, further enhances the wall to the ground all the aesthetic feeling, also make the whole wall there will be no gap distance incongruous shadow on the ground.

but the main ingredients of caulking agent are white cement, white cement was mostly inorganic material, waterproof owe good, and a long time is easy craze, these cracks will not only have dirty water infiltration, and easy to breed bacteria, long time is easy to make people in the upper respiratory tract diseases. Have filled seam an agent of a single color, main is given priority to with white and black, even now on the market is out of a colorful gap filling agent, also just in the whitewater mud mixed with paint, color not only loses its luster, and a long time will become weak. Might change the status quo.

caulking agent not only on the original data update, in technology have greatly different, can be appropriate mix with all sorts of color ceramic tile, ceramic tile aperture will caulking agent alter early, surface strength and high toughness is good, its surface is bright and clean, easy to scrub, convenient cleaning, waterproof and moistureproof, prevent health dead Angle, can permanently adhere to the original colour, and its environmental protection function is also very strong.

after solidification in ceramic tile sew caulking agent can form the clean surface of lubrication, such as porcelain, wear-resisting, waterproof, prevent oil, don't be stained with dirt, a good self-cleaning, shelter evil people and practices easily, easy to clean, wipe clean, prevent propagation of crack mold damage to human body health. Its hardness, compressive strength, service life, etc, are better than the gap filling agent, and can completely solve the common ceramic tile seam dirty dark and difficult to clean. Whether it's just decoration new shop is ceramic tile seam, is still use ceramic tile seam can be used for many years now.
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