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Caulking agent decorate floor tile of the note

by:Kastar     2020-07-18
A, building the ground spreads (not all marble in domestic outfit building should pay attention to the ground not to all the pavement marble. Marble is dozens of times higher than the weight of the floor and wooden floor, if the ground all the pavement marble could overwhelm floor. Especially on the second floor above, because without the safety appraisal station identification of house decoration, the ground adornment material shall not be more than the weight of the kg/square meters. Two, not casual wear hole in the main wall of the bedroom is decorated, must not optional on the main wall hole, dismantle connection and the wall of door window and expand the balcony door and window size or other building doors and Windows, it can cause local cracks and seriously affect the aseismic capacity building, so as to shorten the service life of the building. Three, balcony, bathroom USES load small balcony, bathroom decorate should choose load small material as far as possible, because the balcony excessive overload capsized will happen. Four, avoid on concrete circular orifice hole in construction should pay attention to avoid in the concrete circular orifice plate hole, hole drilling, hanging ceiling lighting lamps and lanterns and installation art. Five, the waterproof is the key between lavatory bath lavatory bath between waterproof is a key link in decorating. Common practice is, before decorate toilet bath room, plug floor drain first, put centimeters of above water, rain water experiment was carried out, if leakage, must redo waterproof; If you don't leak, also want to in the construction of caulking is carefully laid the ground, do not destroy the waterproof layer and make changes to the plumbing and heating system. Six, with ceiling board is not desirable in the bedroom in decorating, in pursuit of luxury, in 4 walls covered with sheets, condole with two or three layers of three-dimensional condole top, decorate this practice is not desirable. Because the walls plastered with plank, occupy the space is larger, shrinks the area of the whole space, cost and cost is higher, is not conducive to fire at the same time. The ceiling is too low will make whole room produce depressive feeling. Seven, select wire jiyong using copper, aluminium wire selecting wire to avoid using aluminium wire. Due to the conductivity of aluminium wire is poor, use wire easy fever, loose connection and even fire. Also should be paid attention to in construction can not directly on the wall excavated buried wire, should use formal casing installation, in order to avoid leakage and fire. Eighth, do not tear open change pipeline interior decoration to ensure the safety of gas pipeline and equipment requirements, do not tear open change line, so as not to affect the normal operation of the system. In addition to pay attention to the power line and level of equipment and the gas pipeline net distance should not be less than cm, wires and the gas pipe net distance of not less than cm. Nine, don't fold the gas valve into the wooden cabinet in decorating, don't put the gas burner placed in wooden ark, nor will the gas total valve package in a wooden case. Once the tank is on fire, gas total valve in the fire is difficult to close, the consequences will be unimaginable. Ten, kitchen safety security issues that occupy the home, the highest risk is the kitchen, where the most prone to accidental injury, such as cut, burn or burn and so on. Some people think it is their careless, actually the stand or fall of kitchen design can directly reflect the kitchen is safe or not. Cranking it was an early autumn season, now, the kitchen is also included, fire carelessly may trigger a fire incident. For the safety of himself and his family the best solution from the root, from the original kitchen design is to eliminate hidden dangers.
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