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Caulking agent: decorate pollution, pay attention to family health, urgent!

by:Kastar     2020-07-20
【 Advantage 】 : the emphasis on quality, focus on environmental protection, best service. International, adhere to the production of green environmental protection concept, high-quality production technology, perfect after-sale system, focus on environmental protection gap filling products, all for family health, for customer satisfaction. As people living standard rise, to sharply, multi-angle to decorate the interior space, to produce a kind of decoration pollution, this is due to the unqualified people used in the process of interior decoration decoration materials, and due to the unreasonable design. Caulking agent pay attention to environmental protection, escort for your health. Caulking agent below will take you know pollution in decorating, and protective measures. Indoor decoration pollution refers to because decorate behavior on indoor environment pollution. Pollution classification according to different classification standards, can be classified for different indoor decoration pollution, and each has a different legal significance and the practical significance. The form, in accordance with the pollution can be divided into air pollution, noise pollution, waste pollution and visual pollution and pollution, design according to the pollutant can be divided into formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia pollution, pollution of radon and lead pollution. Pollutants will be a big threat to people's health, and people need time to prevent hidden killer. These substances are invisible scratching, they mixed in the air, enter human body through respiratory tract, cause a variety of adverse effects to the human body. Used for indoor decoration materials, furniture and paint, especially man-made plank, adhesives, and small workshops of branded caulking agent is the main source of these pollutants. Allegedly, radon, benzene, formaldehyde, ammonia, trichlorethylene these indoor air pollutants can cause human respiratory disease, chronic lung disease and tracheitis, bronchitis and lung cancer, it is caused by multiple systems and organs, organizations, and damage to cells, genes, and ceramic tile seam filling agent without the concerns, health care family, escort for you. Branded the dangers of gap filling agent, therefore, in order to avoid the enroach on of indoor decoration pollution, should avoid to use when the choose and buy decoration materials contain harmful material of material, meet the national standards of green building materials. Different classification has different protective measures, is of great harm to people's pollutants, so it is very important to control the content of pollutants. But don't understand, people tend to decorate decorate traps, potential threat is very dangerous. Decorate considerations when many families decorate the indoor air pollution caused by should be noticed by the owner. Therefore, caulking remind everyone pay attention to the decoration pollution problem, introduce the following simple decoration note, for your reference. Caulking agent matters needing attention, first of all, we should establish environmental protection decoration concept, advocate healthy, scientific and moderate to decorate. Avoid blind pursuit of luxury decoration, ignore the indoor environment pollution problem. , facing the market on a wide variety, decorate building materials with different names, one is to buy building materials and furniture, do not covet is cheap, to the formal market or supermarket to buy as far as possible; Second, please choose and buy products with health certification report; Three is to let the operator on the invoice indicating the product name, harmful material set limit to, level, etc; As far as possible when four is in the use of material left a small piece sample, once appear, problem can be used as evidence. , choose good decorate a company. Decorate a company to market the good and bad are intermingled, consumer is in when the choice, to deal with the resources to do serious investigation, selection of formal decoration company, to ensure the quality of decoration. When doing caulking, also want to choose a big brand products and professional construction team. And decoration contract should be combined with the air quality in terms of the bedroom, once after decorating indoor air pollution problem, easy to maintain their own legitimate rights and interests. , after the decoration, not be eager to, should open door window ventilated for a period of time, speed up the release of harmful substances to shorten the release cycle. After be being entered also should pay attention to assure indoor have enough new wind force, can avoid indoor environment pollution effectively. , indoor breeding several kinds of green plants, which is beneficial to alleviate the pollution of harmful gas, to achieve a sustainable harmful gas purification effect. , should please before through the national metrology authentication, indoor air quality testing aptitude of air environment detection unit to test the indoor environment, only when the test results accord with national standard, the indoor environment can be rest assured. A violation to timely treatment, and governance should be professional indoor environment by the line guide, do not blindly choose management products and management equipment. Owner in the process of house decoration, time to pay attention to the problem of excessive harmful gas, let the family have a healthy and pure and fresh surroundings. Caulking use environmental protection material, strict checks every process, series product passes the inspection authority of qualified, and obtain a number of honorary certificate. Caulking, escort for your health.
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