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Caulking agent for now the role of household decorates and maintenance

by:Kastar     2020-07-18
Now the personalized development trend of the bedroom, caulking agent as a kind of public products into the civilian decoration. Decorative function of caulking agent in the every corner of the bedroom, technique and rich and colorful. Now, as it were, caulking agent has not supporting space of the bedroom, some style is pure and fresh, do STH unconventional or unorthodox caulking agent and even become the most shining in the bedroom. Brick joints of processing and decoration has been designers feel difficult problem. Traditional were filled seam an agent, such as processing. With the decoration of refinement and personalized development, floor and walls of the absolute black seam, gradually on how to solve the schedules, caulking agent can be either, can also heavy make-up, can play the role of pleasure in the eyes and spirit. If you also want a wonderful caulking, might as well take a look at the following design and methods to develop the train of thought. White cement: early indoor decorate commonly used jointing material, time grew to pulverization phenomenon is serious, prone to yellow brick joints become dirty, cause mould easily in damp environment, the only advantage is low price. Caulking agent: its main ingredients are white cement and trace polymer, pigment, etc. , the surface is slightly higher than that of white cement strength, high-end products have a certain effect of mildew, but do not have waterproof, long and white cement brick seam is very easy to become dirty. Caulking agent: its main composition is polymers and pigments and additives, rich colors, bright color, with white, gold, silver, pearl color, such as color of stainless steel, high strength, good toughness, easy-to-clean waterproof, moistureproof. The price is relatively high. Use color brick joints of caulking agent really luster, surface is smooth. Brick joints after use home can keep fresh forever. It is a delicate work caulking agent in construction. If home use is the best to find a local agent professional team for construction. Of course if you have enough time and patience you can do it yourself enjoy the fun of caulking. Caulking agent bonding and closed to reduce the firm put forth effort, color is strong, has the flexibility of crack prevention and decoration simple sense is good, wear resistance, pressure resistance characteristics of anti-fungal, can make it perfect to repair the crack or damage on the surface of the floor, it can also paint on the surface, has a good waterproof. Caulking agent rich color, the color is also available, so more and more popular with customers, to achieve good results, must pay attention to when using. 。 Caulking agent in cement brick paving construction (7 days before Ceramic tile adhesive brick construction in two days) Construction temperature is below. First Mosaic surface or stone material surface and even seam must be clean, use a damp cloth to wet the surface, but don't leave the water, to reduce the Mosaic on the suction hole pigments and cement, and guarantee its coloring and condensation degree finally. 。 In order to help control color and reduce pulverization, in - Hours using the cotton cloth or dry towel to wipe clean surface. 。 In the first hours must pay attention to prevent drying caulking agent ( In particular the construction of outdoor exposure to the sun side) When available natural kraft paper to cover the construction plane ( Had better not use plastic or newspaper) To prevent other construction work do new even seam soiled.
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