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Caulking agent how ceramic tile aperture

by:Kastar     2020-07-15
Household is decorated in ceramic tile is inevitable that a project, but once the ceramic tile not put good will appear many gap, the gap is big and small. So many people see the tile appear at home they will go to the market to buy ceramic tile seam filling agent.

caulking agent and is now used for ceramic tile of people more and more, there are a lot of people see others home whenever the delicate and beautiful ceramic tile, also want to leave their home decoration of ceramic tile aperture, make it more bright. But they don't know how much do caulking more beautiful ceramic tile aperture, the following will introduce to you, to remove all doubts.

in general, when the shop is stuck in ceramic tile is must the seam is, even if it is seamless ceramic tile also should think of some way to leave gaps. Everyone should know the principle of heat bilges cold shrink, if no seam, after high temperature, the ceramic tile will break, this is, of course, some people are not willing to see.

so, ceramic tile aperture leave much good?

in general, the metope with 1 - 2 mm as well, a few small brick ( 100x100mm) , in order to beautiful, seam is rather big, so that for caulking construction is more conspicuous. For the ground seam, in addition to the brick restoring ancient ways need to leave a larger gap ( 4mm- - 8mm) Outside, other brick with 2 mm - commonly - 5 mm is good. Special effects, of course, can also be gap widened, such as 5 mm. Like some archaize brick or tile, brick is better to leave seam width balcony.

for more such gap width, with caulking agent for caulking is perfect. Of course some home ceramic tile aperture is small. For less than 1 mm of ceramic tile aperture, or suggest don't do caulking. Because of the heat from the cold, may be the cause of ceramic tile arch affect beautiful. Of course, for ceramic tile aperture is greater than 1 mm, can be for caulking.
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