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Caulking agent how to calculate?

by:Kastar     2020-07-23
Before that, we talked a lot about the knowledge gap filling agent, ten big brands, including caulking agent dosage of caulking problem without said. Many people leave a message to caulking small make up comment on asked, confused dosage of caulking problem, don't know how to use a small amount, more so when buying material, also don't know what should buy it? Buy less, afraid of not enough; Buy more, and a waste of money, this is also a very tangled problem. Given that so many people still don't know how to determine the caulking agent dosage should be, so, now, let's know the little knowledge! Today small make up take you together to calculate a calculate, different area, how many suitable dosage of caulking. Especially to the owners of the do-it-yourself caulking, more carefully look at, accomplish know fairly well! Caulking agent to calculate true porcelain glue, for example, because the true porcelain glue is the most used products on the market right now. , ceramic tile specifications *, a group of true porcelain * plastic construction area is square meters of ceramic tile specifications, construction area is a set of true porcelain gel * square meters of ceramic tile specifications, construction area is a set of true porcelain gel * square meters of ceramic tile specifications, construction area is a set of true porcelain gel * square meters of ceramic tile specifications, construction area is a set of true porcelain gel sq. m normal: need to use ( Group) To construction area (= home outfit m) A group of true porcelain of the construction area of practical examples such as: is the square of the sitting room, ceramic tile specifications are * mm, =, two groups will be enough. Example: the sitting room is square, specifications are * mm ceramic tile, tank is ok. If your floor size are beyond the scope of what is said above, can ask professional construction personnel to measure for you, calculate usage. Start work after their to buy material, caulking, it is also possible. Wall, when the toilet ground area of square meters, covers an area of square meters, construction area of the toilet for the square meters, if ceramic tile specifications is *, you will need to set of true porcelain glue. Above, usage, gap is normal size, - 。 Mm or so, when the crack width is - Mm, a group of true porcelain glue construction area is relatively lower, then the algorithm of caulking agent such as: ceramic tile specifications for *, seam mm wide, a set of construction area of true porcelain glue - Square meters. , caulking agent formula: P = ( C+K) * ( S( C*K) ] P: it means a total use bottle filled seam an agent C: according to the length of a ceramic tile K: according to the width of a piece of ceramic tile S: said to the area of the shop sticks ceramic tile represents a bottle of double tube filled seam an agent construction on the number of meters can note: this formula is only suitable for double tube filled seam an agent with the volumetric flask. Above is the algorithm, but don't hard set of patterns, because calculated how much there is error, these algorithms are only in order to make everyone can have a a simple instructions on the dosage, but not as a unified standard! These can all be factors that affect the formula to calculate, so bye all very clearly that this is a science. Break not independent enough, also can do simple know ah, you said right? Above is about caulking agent is introduced, it is very detailed. If not clear, or before to see this article, you filled seam an agent is to buy more, to burn? Don't worry, I can give you a recruit. As we all know, the traditional glass glue is used for a long time is black yellow, fall off easily. Caulking agent instead of glass glue is used, the more aspect performance is better than that of glass glue, oh. Such as more waterproof mouldproof, these little knowledge did you know?
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