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Caulking agent how to wash

by:Kastar     2020-07-16
Caulking agent is widely used in home outfit in recent years, people use it to fill the gaps between the ceramic tile, can have the effect of beautification to his new house, and can prevent ceramic tile aperture between accumulated stain. , no matter how careful you when construction hands may pick up some caulking agent, if not in time to clean up to it, after waiting for caulking agent completely dry would like 502 glue, it is difficult to remove. So caulking agent how to wash? Below small make up on these issues and all make a share, hope you can help to you.

caulking agent is really the ideal caulking material, has got a wide range of applications. Some people in order to facilitate the construction, they did not wear gloves when caulking, cause defiled with caulking agent to hand, it is difficult to clean. Below I give everybody introduction four effective methods:

1, the first put on the water soak for half an hour, then wash hands with detergent patience the remaining gap filling agent, if after cleaning hands and color suggestion with some hydrochloric acid ( Household salt) Look at the effect of the small area try to wash.

2, caulking agent is alkaline substances, can dissolve and acid in alkaline substances, representative is oxalic acid, oxalic acid is 10000 times stronger than acetic acid, oxalic acid has strong corrosion resistance, however, so if you are using oxalic acid must be promptly rinse clean.

3, washing the use of alcohol, the alcohol has a strong solubility, can dissolve in most organic matter ( Caulking agent belongs to organic matter) To evaporate.

4, if the above method is still not enough to solve your problem, you can also buy a dedicated caulking agent cleaning agent, caulking agent cleaning agent is filled seam an agent after construction residual caulking agent special products.
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