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Caulking agent in decorate what role?

by:Kastar     2020-07-19
When decorating, we all like the shop is stuck in the room all kinds of ceramic tile. No matter how beautiful ceramic tile, no matter how professional brick technology, in order to prevent the occurrence of the drum ceramic tile for heat bilges cold shrink, cracking, and so on and so forth, have to stay between tile and ceramic tile seam. Ceramic tile seam left, take a look at these ceramic tile aperture, always think room does not look very beautiful. In a period of time, the ceramic tile aperture will accumulate dust and dirt in everyday life, let the gap and dirty and dark, and even cause harm to family body healthy bacteria. How should we solve these troubles? Let 'caulking' to help you! With the advent of the decorate upsurge, caulking agent appears more and more get the attention of many construction units and owners. Caulking agent as a kind of decoration materials, the frequency is more and more frequent used in decorating. Caulking agent and other decorate material combination, make decoration effect to more family satisfaction. So what is the role in decorate caulking? , for the understanding of friends, all know it is used to populate other decorate material in the middle of the gap, let the other decorate material to combine with caulking agent. Caulking whole house, make more practical, beautiful decoration effect. Use gears, the ceramic tile of home, if you don't do caulking will accumulate dust and dirt; And caulking agent can connect the gaps between the tile and ceramic tile, resolve the dirty, black ceramic tile aperture, breeding of bacteria and other issues. , caulking agent filled with ceramic tile aperture, a smooth as the surface of porcelain, can swab with ceramic tile. Cleaning may require hours before, caulking, cleaning just ten minutes. There are many kinds of color, gap filling agent, can meet the needs of different occasions, Ordinary residential, hotels, private clubs) 。 Traditional caulking agent the wipe the black, white cement and caulking agent cured surface smooth, don't be stained with dirt. , good quality of caulking agent has the advantages such as waterproof, mouldproof, wear-resisting, home made caulking, even more rain in the season, also need not worry about ceramic tile mold problems. , caulking agent is a new type environmental protection product, the use of raw materials, non-toxic, tasteless, does not contain harmful ingredients such as benzene, toluene, xylene, let family life more health, environmental protection. The sitting room do caulking, say bye bye with black line, decorate class rise; The kitchen do caulking, oil easy to clean, eat joss-stick. Toilet do caulking, the bacterium lives everywhere, from now on in love with a bath. Ceramic tile not caulking or before using ordinary caulking agent caulking, accumulate dust, mold under the influence of water, breeding ground for germs, made after the caulking don't have to worry about!
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