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Caulking agent in winter construction of common problems? What are those?

by:Kastar     2020-07-18
, the low temperature will reduce the caulking material freezing? We know, the freezing point of water is so common owners worry that if temperature in degrees, when the construction, caulking material would be frozen cold bad, actually winter outdoor air temperature is low, but interior construction site in the circumstance of degrees or less, the gap filling of professional electric heater is commonly used in construction, improve the room temperature and and high quality of caulking products contain antifreeze material, the owners don't have to worry about this problem completely. Even if it meets the temperature is too low, caulking division caulking products can be put in hot water heating, make sure that A, B two tube type of curing agent and paint mixing, ensure the construction effect. Clean, low temperature, solidification time is more appropriate? Time is more than normal temperature, solidification ~ hours, hours after the dry, winter air temperature is lower, the extension of remaining material curing cleaning time should be moderate, professional experienced caulking division, according to the temperature and humidity of the construction site make accurate cure time judgment, easy to clean up the remaining material, and will not scratch ceramic tile. For the high quality brand of caulking product, if you found some areas without curing good when cleaning, use alcohol to clean, can be more than one-off will thoroughly clean. Moist, winter rain how cities for caulking? Southern city no collective heating in winter, indoor humidity phenomenon is relative to the north or lay particular stress on, then under the environment of the wet winter caulking, construction must pay attention to close the window, and need to pay attention to the two problems, one is the crack-cleaning carefully observe each cm when clearing the clutter is wet, if there is a wet gap, must use professional high pressure machine ( Hair dryer) Blow dry net; 2 it is remaining material curing cleaning time, need to be flexible to control, the best construction in sunny day.
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