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Caulking agent is not everything, meet these conditions, don't do caulking

by:Kastar     2020-07-18
A lot of people think that caulking agent to fill the gap, there are certain beautification effect, as long as anywhere in the gap in the home, can be used to fill. Actually, caulking agent is not everything. There's mastercard & many ceramic tile can do caulking seams, but there are many places you can't with caulking agent. 。 Different floor floor material can choose a variety of materials to decorate, but because of the different material, do caulking idea will be restricted. Most of the ceramic tile can meet the conditions of caulking, like the brick, wood grain brick, archaize brick, this kind of ceramic tile, do after gap filling effect is very good. But if choose wooden floor to decorate, can be used in the making of caulking, because real wood absorbs moisture, caulking agent inside caulking agent can't cure. 。 Ambry, furniture edge banding cabinets and all kinds of porcelain sink, toilet, there will be a lot of cracks during install, easy to hide dirt and insect ant, the best thing to do is to do the sealing side, but had better use special rubber sealing side, do not use caulking agent. A lot of furniture is wood, if with gap filling agent, easily stick above wash not to drop, and solid wood can absorb the moisture in gap filling agent, curing agent, the role of caulking agent can't reflect. With rubber sealing side can and beauty line, also have very good beautification effect. 。 Posted wallpaper metope decorate wall cloth edge home, but the edge defects is very big, is not neat, you can use rubber sealing side cover, beautification effect is very good, but not with caulking agent. Some wallpaper is cloth material, have a plenty of paper, will affect the curing of caulking agent, edge is easy to become warped, will split the adhesion of caulking agent. But the touchline and sealing side glue can be very good to cover part of the cock, covering defective cracks. 。 Aluminium alloy window frame made of aluminum alloy frame, because of different materials, caulking agent is easy to stick to the above, and difficult to clean up, this is the most important. General rough surface ceramic tile to affix and crepe paper construction, but the aluminium alloy surface is smooth, caulking agent is easy to run out, so you can get the walls, Windows, you can use the special rubber sealing side, also can have different effect. Caulking agent is the most basic function is to fill the gap of ceramic tile, if you want to fill in other places, may have to think twice, it is best to use appropriate product, otherwise it is easy to appear problem.
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