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- caulking agent manufacturer International year-end sprint pep rally

by:Kastar     2020-07-17
Small make up in this morning informed of a don't want to face the reality: from the year end and day! Wake up, we're going to sprint! International this morning in the east China operations center held a 'sprint one hundred day' campaign, the war in the one hundred - day group meeting was presided over by the personnel director Shang Jing, opened up new sprint for the warriors of activity, and the new incentive policy; Time and tide wait for no man, the way! ( The personnel director Shang Jing) Director of soup for friend's sex is very strong and everyone had raised his hand and support, PS: because she want to use RMB in us dollars) Remember to look for her cash, everybody! ( Chen announced the sprint events reward policy) The building is the soul of the team's shape, and coordination team cooperation, as chief operating officer of caulking, Chen today does this body suits especially in style. Chen for a whole team already in the past months operation data contrast, at the same time for the last quarter of data expected a certain space is presented. Team cohesion by everybody together, as long as you look for a goal, believe that we are the best! Chen for the friends of the sprint task gives a big reward, the sprint goal to complete personal to directly to the reward is annual performance bonus. Yes, you have no wrong, Chen is so heroic, annual performance bonus is given directly! What are you waiting for? ( China merchants group cohesion) East China operations center, general zhu, head of the China merchants group to overall team cohesion, combat effectiveness are full of confidence, for 'one hundred - day sprint' has come all the same. Zhu, you are the best! Saw our business department for everyone on the 'written pledge to fulfill a military order' the confidence to complete the sprint task workload, and for the plans of their tasks in addition to guaranteed scheme also set higher sprint goals. This is the power of the team, a team of excellent, is each person's flash, this is a direct act of team trust; International each friend is the best for their thumb up! Wu is the total for one hundred day sprint to the task of deepening, he said: finish, to take us to walk kilometers! Small make up in the first place, said don't want to be immortal, we together come on! Mr. wu about the company internal team construction, personal growth, team collaboration development are analyzed related to each other. Every powerful ego in the growth process has errors occur, mr. wu says international each friend is stick, in order to become a better yourself, we for the existing system and assessment system should be positive to face and participation! Small make up also feel the confidence of other functional departments to every friend, as a member of the international team, we will also in her own job duty work actively. THE END international is a young team, but also a dare to do dare to spell team. Every partner in post silently insist, for customers all over the country with about caulking industry the most professional and thoughtful service; Service to others, make yourself. Doing international brand overall operating mode, as a whole and related services supporting the development of the industry has been to explore and perfect, we strive for the definition of industry service specification.
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