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Caulking agent - Meet the multi-level decoration option

by:Kastar     2020-07-15
Caulking agent is suitable for ceramic tile, Mosaic, stone, wood, glass, aluminum and other materials of decoration. Really let you light of ceramic tile aperture, like porcelain, never dirty black, caulking agent after solidification in ceramic tile sew will form a smooth and clean surface such as porcelain, wear-resisting, waterproof, prevent oil, don't be stained with dirt, has excellent self-cleaning sex, shelter evil people and practices easily, easy to clean, wipe clean, its hardness, compressive strength, service life is better than that of caulking agent (in such aspects as Jointing agent) , which can completely solve the common ceramic tile seam dirty dark and difficult to clean.

in some high-end hotel and the hotel are laid with high-grade ceramic tile or marble, if because ceramic tile aperture dirty and results in the decrease of ceramic tile class is a pyrrhic victory. Caulking agent can be perfect to solve this problem. For those to decorating effect to demand higher hotel or high-end hotel and family, can choose caulking agent instead of ordinary cement seam filling agent. This type is decorated can choose not to fill do the bottom seam an agent, all with caulking caulking agent directly. Advantage is small construction, easy operation, the protective layer thick and full. Only a slightly higher price, caulking agent dosage, higher total cost.

for user economic budget a little lower, can choose to ordinary cement filled seam an agent to do the underlying, caulking agent layer thickness, aperture full is flat and level. Such as: the ground cracks deep, everyday is not easy to wipe, high smoothness, easy to clean. Such decoration effect is good, construction simple easy to operate, protective layer thickness, full. Both realized the ground and beautiful, cost is relatively low.

caulking agents can completely satisfy the different places and decorate multi-level demand of users.
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