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Caulking agent really toxic, epoxy resin and what material

by:Kastar     2020-07-16
Caulking agent composition of white cement in slam the door gap filling agent, using the more high-tech new polymer and high-grade paint. But that said, consumers still don't know whether caulking agent security. Caulking agent exactly have poison, take a look at what main component epoxy resin material.

caulking agent is composed of inorganic material, is the main content of epoxy resin. Epoxy resin and what is, in fact it is not strange, often there are all kinds of things in our life points. Epoxy resin is often used in industrial products, is a very environmentally friendly materials, not only is a strong adhesion, low shrinkage, and stability is very good also. Epoxy resin is the most important is nonpoisonous and harmless, no harm to human body, but also the effect of prevent mould, is better to do caulking agent raw materials.

at present there are two kinds of two-component aqueous and oily gap filling agent, curing agent and pigment separate packaging, use of independent. The main ingredients are safe environmental protection of epoxy resin, but different classification, which composed of materials will also be different.

1, oily caulking agent through ceramic glue, also is a kind of cured very hard gap filling agent, which is given priority to with oily molecules, performance is stable, in order to highlight the other features of caulking, also added a variety of chemicals. Oily caulking agent on it is difficult to clean, after curing period will also send out a pungent odor, generally can be used for moisture.

2, water-based caulking agent is what we call porcelain glue water, environmental protection is very high, thought that the water molecule is given priority to, add the antibacterial antifouling additives such as inorganic materials. Caulking agent before curing water can dissolve in water, the more environmental protection than oily, and hard resilient, give full play to the characteristics of the epoxy resin, is really the non-toxic harmless.

although caulking agent are marked in the epoxy resin as the main ingredient, but when the choose and buy should pay attention to distinguish, from various aspects can discern whether containing epoxy resin. Caulking agent has various brands, different quality of the price will be different, according to the need to choose to your satisfaction.
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