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Caulking agent selected five gold standard

by:Kastar     2020-07-24
How to choose me to help you fill in ceramic tile seam an agent, seemingly in domestic outfit is small, but it is directly affect the overall domestic outfit style and environmental protection. Pick up good caulking product for caulking division: fast, after all, without stimulating smell, to the owner: shelf life lasting, not black, waterproof, high temperature resistant, good low temperature resistance, no toxic volatile, to protect your family's health is a kind of invisible. So the stand or fall of caulking agent how to identify? Smell of conforming caulking agent of non-ferrous tasteless a new environmental protection material, if open caulking agent has a pungent flavour, indicates the gap filling agent for inferior product, universal shall not, not only reach the effect of gap filling but also will damage the family health. Note: the smell, don't too close together, as long as with handle gently move two times. Pull get filled seam an agent, the extrusion and pulling, see how its consistency, if you don't fracture created during the process of pulling filamentous, indicates its consistency and caking property is feasible and the quality is good. Such beauty of caulking agent effect neither loss nor empty, especially in wall construction, not sag. Look when caulking agent after completion of construction, observe whether its surface is full, presence of sag, level together, if all three of the following does not appear that the gap filling agent as well. Bright color and fine quality gap filling agent, after construction is still high gloss. And inferior gap filling agent, after the construction of colour and lustre is dim, the luminosity is not good, permeability is not strong, not take long before will be brown black, affect the overall aesthetic. After polishing the dry filled seam an agent, using waste paper or on old cloth to wipe, screwdriver scratches or sew with a small hammer on fill out, if caulking intact, shows high hardness. Or without tools, down hard with nails directly, in order to detect the hardness, flexibility, distinguish good or bad. Water gap gap filling agent, can form a layer of protective film, under normal circumstances is waterproof ability, so we can to fill stitch on water, the water will permeate into the seam. Without indicates caulking agent quality is good, so sewage will be unable to penetrate. If add a, is to see the company qualification: the number of companies, architecture, perfect degree, network operations level, test certification, number of service outlets, service level, and so on all can reflect the gap filling agent, the quality of high and low side.
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