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Caulking agent should be how to choose, to teach you some methods to identify caulking agent

by:Kastar     2020-07-17
Caulking products so much, everyone want to buy some good quality product, must avoid caulking failure. Caulking agent should be how to choose, to teach you some method to distinguish the stand or fall of gap filling agent, if you meet some caulking agents that never buy.

1, the price is too cheap

we have to admit that & other; A penny a points goods & throughout; Met the price is too cheap, filled seam an agent, such as ten dollars a also never buy buy one get one free. This gap filling agent is likely to be 3 without the product, low cost, no guarantee, also contain harmful substances, there is a lot of harm to human body health.

2, pungent smell too, color not too is

if caulking contained a very pungent odor, there must be added a lot of chemical materials, harmful material such as toluene, xylene, along with a variety of chemical paint, lead to produce caulking agent pungent odor, bright color have off color. Main raw material and formal caulking agent for epoxy resin and natural pigment, epoxy resin is a kind of avirulent insipidity of material, natural pigment is to let caulking agent with exquisite color.

3, contraction, not enough consistency

filled seam an agent, in fact, a kind of glue, if you have any obvious shrinkage effect of typing, explain quality is not pass. Because caulking agent there is sufficient and high quality of curing agent, play the full sticky glue, if caulking agent appeared to collapse, adhesion is not strong, cannot stick ceramic tile, gap filling effect is unqualified.

4, hardness too low, easy to wear

caulking agent curing after very hard, smooth surface is not easy to wear, also can protect a ceramic tile is not affected by extrusion. If the low hardness of caulking agent, not only make the result is bad, still soft collapse intangible, vulnerable to the extrusion of ceramic tile, but no protection to ceramic tile, influence the effect of caulking.

if you are in the choose and buy of caulking agent found these shortcomings, it just meet a bit rejected, it may be a substandard product. Buy caulking agent must pay attention to the quality of the product, after all, the relationship between the use of in the future, and your family's health.
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