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Caulking agent should get on how to clean up?

by:Kastar     2020-07-19
In construction of caulking division, may accidentally true porcelain glue onto hands, ceramic tile seam filling agent like glue on my hands. A few days later, even after the wash, but there are still a very uncomfortable feeling. Small make up in WeChat background also often receive a message asking fans this kind of problem, so today will separate the article explain it with you. In general, most of what will appear this kind of problem is new construction personnel, don't know for caulking product features, for the convenience of construction, also don't take some protective measures. The following introduce some methods from construction personnel according to their own experiences, from online q&a section method, the specific effect will be affected by many factors. Such as caulking agent brand, stick to a hand with the length of time, such as how much weight, does not guarantee that must be useful to everyone. After curing the caulking agent should be how to clean up? Method one: first put on the water soak for half an hour, then wash hands with detergent patience the remaining gap filling agent, if after cleaning hands and color suggestion with some hydrochloric acid ( Household salt) Look at the effect of the small area try to wash. Method 2: caulking agent is alkaline substance, can dissolve and acid in alkaline substances, representative is oxalic acid, oxalic acid times stronger than acetic acid, oxalic acid has strong corrosion resistance, however, have hurt to skin or health. Is not recommended, construction personnel, please choose carefully. So if you are using oxalic acid to clean up must rinse in time! Method 3: use alcohol to clean, alcohol has a strong solubility, can dissolve in most organic matter and volatile. True porcelain adhesive curing is difficult to clean up after, if can't clean off don't worry, it will be due to factors such as hand movements, the metabolism of skin itself in a few days off. Caulking before curing agent should be how to clean up? , use cloth (first Or newspaper) To most of the material wipe; And to stick with caulking products fantasy alcohol ( Alcoholic solvents such as liquor, toilet water can substitute for) ; And wiped with a clean cloth or paper directly; Clean up, feeling once, if not to repeat the first step, the first step; , water + soap ( Or hand sanitizer) Wash so when construction, prepare some paper towels, adhesive and the mouth, the pressure on the ball too much gap filling agent, clean the paper, hand rub, immediately with a paper towel, then use a wet towel to wipe up. True porcelain is oily glue products, proposed the gloves in the construction, avoid to touch to bad skin clean; If the water is the use of water soluble porcelain products, you can completely don't have to worry about this problem, just rag wipe or rinse immediately with water.
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