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Caulking and caulking difference is big, decorate teacher how to say?

by:Kastar     2020-07-16
Decorate a house now really is not a easy thing, sometimes is a kind of small decorate material to half a day, after all to decorate inexperienced novices, now so many decorate material is really easy to the edition, take decorating toilet, need to prepare something just a few.

is the place where our home daily use most toilet, normally we will use when decorate ceramic tile to shop floor and the surrounding walls. But because ceramic tile aperture will still exist after laying out, this time in order to fill the gaps will choose is popular in the market gap filling agent or is filled seam an agent, whether the two choice which is better?

caulking agent and caulking agent respectively is what?

actually caulking agent and caulking agent is used to fill a similar colloidal substance of ceramic tile aperture, these two years is very popular with caulking agent for ceramic tile gap filling, looked at the beautiful and practical, but the price is more expensive. And the role of caulking agent and caulking agent is the same, but the water proofing property is poor, but the price is cheaper.

1. According to ceramic tile aperture to select

because the ceramic tile on the market now is not consistent size and material, we choose different ceramic tile shop after leaving gap is small. General large aperture small make up recommend to fill with gap filling agent, because its color is diversiform, and the beautiful sex is higher, more convenient in the future. And caulking agent is suitable for the ceramic tile of small aperture, so it is easy to operate, effect is good, also the price is cheap.

2. According to the results in the future to choose

caulking agent our price is more expensive, but it's waterproof and mildew are guaranteed, even if is to use a long time also don't have to worry about the problem of black mold, can also according to decorate a style to choose the color of caulking agent, watch will be more beautiful. Relatively the beautiful sex of caulking agent will be some difference, and use the time is long will slowly become black, then the need to construction, is more troublesome.

3. According to the overall utility to select

caulking agent use effect is better, but the price is relatively higher, generally caulking work is in proportion to the number of square meters of ceramic tile to charge, if need the area of caulking nature cost will be higher. And gap filling agent, cheaper to use more, also won't feel love dearly the area is large, but the biggest drawback is filled seam an agent with long time later will be black, waterproof and beautiful sex not guaranteed.

actually small make up recommend choosing caulking agent to decorate the toilet, because toilet itself is relatively damp places, waterproof effect good things will be more practical. But this is according to your actual condition to select, so that after be being entered is more comfortable!
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