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Caulking can do myself, caulking agent ten big brands to teach you the construction techniques and attention points, save you money!

by:Kastar     2020-07-18
Now want to buy a house is to pay a lot of money and energy, and after buying the house decoration is also a let a person very headache, all kinds of decoration materials on the market prices are not low, coupled with the workers of construction costs, it is decorated house spending is not small, it is no wonder that all want to decorate to save money! Caulking agent ten big brand manufacturers to teach you to save money! , decorate in order to save money, of course, we can't go to choose some inferior to decorate material that is healthy for your body is not responsible for, want to decorate to save money, we can from the wages of workers, like when bridal chamber decorates a lot of work is our own can do, don't need to please workers, like caulking this job, independently completed is effortless. Chosen caulking agent and tool if his caulking natural caulking agent and tools are need to choose to buy, now on the market of caulking agent variety many, the natural quality is also vary widely, as far as possible is we choose after construction can become hard of that kind of gap filling agent, better the quality of this gap filling agent, can save a lot of trouble in the construction. Ready for caulking agent is left glue guns, scraper and shovel knife, etc. , clean processing: before using caulking agent should be sucked clean the dust with a vacuum cleaner in the ceramic tile aperture, ceramic tile seam on both sides with a towel clean, remove dust, grease and other pollutants, at the same time with clean shovel to remove contaminants on the surface of the ceramic tile; 'caulking when on the ground can't have extra dust, or it will affect the simple sense of caulking. We need first to get the ground before caulking completely clean, some places still need to use a vacuum cleaner inhale dust all, need with the shovel knife after ceramic tile aperture place to completely clean, it can ensure the smooth progress of caulking work to a great extent, promises and practicality. , stick or waxed crepe paper: if the ceramic tile of archaize brick or pits brick, caulking should be posted before or waxed, crepe paper surface brick can not stick. Posted when the crepe paper, on the surface of the ceramic tile aperture should keep clean and dry. Crepe paper to stick a side of the gap, in order to guarantee the effect of cross intersections, somehow the line construction recommended for separation of hours. On either side of the crepe paper will cut neatly without burrs, width is not less than CM, stick relay is better but not residual glue. Construction time caution: caulking is a skill we need to have enough patience. General to ceramic tile gap filling is uphold the principle of after the first vertical horizontal, vertical direction of the gap filling after need to scrape to evenness with scraper, and then began to transverse cracks of caulking work, so in an orderly way for caulking work done can be perfect, and remember when using glue guns should pay attention to, so every place filled seam an agent would fill the uniform. , rifle seam: choose to color caulking agent, set up the special mixing tube, put on special high quality energy glue gun, glue mouth out rubber before rubber mouth on the glue, mix glue solution in the middle of the rubber mouth areas. Rubber mouth out rubber first ~ g colloid is unavailable ( May be uneven mixing) And then just can glue. Mixing tube and ceramic tile surface as much as possible at the seam to glue can full of cracks, vertical uniform while walking, good grasp of the intensity and frequency so that the glue evenly. Optimum temperature - Degrees. Seam, rave: if want to have a can let colloid solidification surface after moderate circular arc surface, can use special pressure seam steel ball from brick force along the seam at one end to the other side, hard to maintain uniform, If you want the colloid and ceramic tile surface water after curing performance as far as possible in a horizontal plane, can use the caulking scraper or soft rubber sheet from brick force along the seam at one end to the other end, maintain strength, and do not deviate from the crepe paper to prevent pollution of ceramic tile surface. , cleaning, such as the technology of crepe paper, quiet place - Minutes. Tear crepe paper, remove seam surrounding porcelain treasure filled seam an agent, wipe the stains. If use of technology of crepe paper, will have to wait until after seam about hours, use clean shovel will be half cured gel on the surface of the ceramic tile is clean. , to protect site: under constant temperature, hours table dry, hours using strength, natural curing days. Caulking to avoid contamination, within hours after the rain, water, avoid walking on the ground. Having played caulking glue of ceramic tile is we wait for the completely dry harden can be put into use, generally filled seam an agent in the construction of the day after can normal use, but within the day it is best not to dust pollutants such as let its contamination to gap filling agent, affects the robustness and beautiful sex thereby.
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