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Caulking can fill in?

by:Kastar     2020-07-18
We shop in decorating a house, floor tile you do caulking, because whether it's wood floor or tile, only do the caulking won't appear the phenomenon of arch camber,, if you don't do this kind of phenomenon also have to shop in the latter period, it will affect our time, so we can have a look at the first caulking can fill in the above, in addition to this, what caulking construction process is, to introduce. First fill in shallow seam an agent to play can't repair, generally to rework do best, because caulking agent to fill it will effect, so prospective and toning is difficult to adjust. Usually caulking agent rework method has two kinds:, general can use hot air gap of caulking gun to blow, will soften after caulking agent under high temperature, and then use the shovel shovel again after caulking construction. , cleaning agent 'with' caulking agent onto the surface of caulking, - Minutes 'cleaner' caulking agent will fill the seam softening, and then use the shovel shovel again after caulking construction. To construction, it is suggested that gap, rinse again after with aperture of stay dry construction, rinse aperture of the purpose is to clean the residual cleaning agents, avoid redo caulking react, causing discoloration of problems. Ceramic tile seam filling agent do when dry, to fill a need and actual effect how, basically see it presents color is not good, if well caulking agent or choose color is not suitable for ceramic tile, the caulking agent already cured, without any problems, is can fill in the above a layer. In addition, the gap of caulking agent under the concave radian is very big, want to be a bit flat, can fill in the above a layer. Catch up on a layer of concrete operation method is to use the soft button up to do the kind of one-component, then fill a layer seam an agent, fill mainly is the first time to do it, see there is not perfect, make up for, start to do a little bad, if the requirement is perfect, can use the special hard a two-component gap filling agent, of tinkering, hanging from a wallpaper knife on a surface.
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