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Caulking construction and guarantee the quality of 'quality', which are made for consumer commitment?

by:Kastar     2020-07-22
Caulking as caulking leading brand in the caulking construction has been on for the owner to provide the most excellent service. Compared with other 'guerrillas' construction group, to be sure the construction quality of caulking division to a higher level. But for not familiar with the owner caulking, may not directly determine the gap between the construction quality. Therefore, with its construction standards, today to owner promise with good quality, what are the aspects? A quality, brand caulking stand caulking market has more than six years, caulking products not only face the nation, and sells in distant markets overseas. Caulking attended many domestic well-known building materials exhibition and widely followed, many times to participate in radio, television, and brand image to promote, to participate in the caulking industry standards, brand strength is evident. Ceramic tile seam filling agent for the same price, retail price all website. The price of the macroeconomic regulation and control to avoid the online price war, in pursuit of sales guarantee of product prices are in a controlled state. At the same time, the registered caulking division also has a standard of the construction price regulation, from product caulking to caulking construction to control strictly, to carry on the regional protection, prevent vicious price competition. 2, strictly control product quality, consumption and product quality caulking brands all raw materials used for the environmental protection material, products from raw material purchase, storage, processing, have a transparent process, from the source can guarantee the quality of products. And, has its own modern production base, its products are from nanjing, jiangsu, shandong jinan, anhui maanshan production three production bases. So, oneself can strictly control the product quality, will never let inspection unqualified products flow to the market. , the dosage of caulking caulking construction exists in two ways, playing a full and half a dozen. Played to crack the entire filling, and half a dozen full is only fill surface cracks, deeper layer with traditional caulking grout caulking. Caulking construction usually choose to play the full aperture, unless the owner have special requirements. From the point of construction price, played may use two times of caulking product, but in the long run, to play full aperture is not easy to produce the follow-up questions, and life will be extended many caulking. And half a dozen full caulking follow-up may produce all sorts of problems because of the influence of the environment lead to rework, the service life of caulking will not play the full aperture. Three, the construction process more standardized, more fine caulking has a set of complete construction standard and procedure, make caulking construction more standardization, streamline. And qing seam more meticulous slit after cleaning affects the caulking construction overall effect, so the crack-cleaning has almost stringent requirements. When clear aperture, aperture requirements in the internal situation, on both sides of a sword or even more times to deal with the gap. Dust in gettering, must also be within the overall secondary to crack after vacuuming careful cleaning, ensure clean and dust-free in the gap. And handle more sophisticated different ceramic tile surface wear resistance and smoothness are different, so before playing seam will keep difference between protection of ceramic tile, avoid damage the surface of ceramic tile. And according to different material, ceramic tile in the process of training will tell caulking division need to wax, to ensure that the same on both sides before and after the construction of ceramic tile are smooth and complete. The difficulties, the complete after crack-cleaning seam pressure is another need detailed operation process, especially the cross interface of ceramic tile aperture, and the place of ceramic tile of Yin and Yang Angle with the ground, improper handling can cause cracks in the caulking with redundant caulking adhesion, which in turn is difficult to wipe out the remaining material. Caulking caulking in training division, bring up the difficulty of construction, field practice and caulking division, ensure caulking teacher professionalism. Four, after comprehensive, quality assurance, secure behind efficient caulking construction, also has a comprehensive after-sales service, let owner don't have to worry about subsequent problems. For caulking construction have the warranty period of time, in this period of time if there is any problem with the construction of caulking, will come to solve the first time. One thousand construction can not contact the caulking division, can also through service phone, web site message, WeChat backend message, weibo messages such as contact way, and help the owner to solve problems in a timely manner. Outside the warranty period of caulking owner also don't have to worry about, as long as it is caulking construction, will be for the owner to solve the problem. In addition, for caulking customers, sales staff will not be on a regular basis by telephone pays a return visit to the customer, understand customer's use and sales, and enthusiasm answer customer doubts of caulking or sales construction, let every customer to be able to earn their profits. Joint efforts, not only is to make brand itself can make a bigger profit, at the same time also is to let the caulking industry can have a comparative good competition environment, guide the caulking industry to better development.
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