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Caulking construction before the crucial step: acceptance of ceramic tile

by:Kastar     2020-07-21
With the rise of caulking industry, I believe you good ceramic tile in the shop owner after almost always choose to do the caulking, let oneself decorate more beautiful. Caulking can do, however, in addition to the caulking division craft, caulking product quality, the ceramic tile shop is stuck in the home owner effect is also very important. Shop sticks ceramic tile with better effect, can let the caulking division in the later construction more easily, caulking effect will be better. Today teach each owner a few relatively simple acceptance skills, let owner to play good ceramic tile basis, so that after the caulking work. Acceptance method 1: check the empty drum yes, you didn't read the wrong owner, also can produce in the process of ceramic tile in the shop is stuck empty drum phenomenon. Because in the process of ceramic tile, need to use the cement in the original on a wall or the ground at the grass-roots level, and then will use ceramic tile ceramic tile on the shop binder metope and ground. If cement daub is uneven, or problems in the process of mixing cement ratio, cement layer falls off in case, to produce empty drum phenomenon. Empty drum ceramic tile because of uneven, later in the use process is likely to produce fracture. In the empty drum ceramic tile surface drilling, tiles could be whole, dangerous. Therefore, the owner in the acceptance of ceramic tile, the first to check if there is any empty drum ceramic tile. Empty drum ceramic tile to check the empty drum is very simple, as long as own a small hammer or small iron bar, tapping the corners of ceramic tile to the middle position. If all the ceramic tile of consistent voice for the 'product' of such more depressing voice, so the surface of ceramic tile is no problem. If there is some in the surface of ceramic tile sound is ringing, the existence of the drum so that it's free. According to the national standard, the ground empty drum rate must not be greater than that of the ground area %, metope empty drum rate %, must not be greater than that of the area of metope and only allow edges appear empty drum ceramic tile, center the empty drum is not allowed. The owner at the time of acceptance, must pay attention! Acceptance method 2: drainage slope detection of floor drain 'jianghu' wherever they are, as a toilet water more, the stand or fall of drainage function determines after use. Drainage is smooth, in addition to the pipe quality, the drainage of slope is also important. When shop sticks ceramic tile, the shop is stuck master plan to the direction of the floor drain and drainage, to make toilet ground slope. Slope is too high or too low, can produce certain effect on the lives of the owner in the future. Slope is too low, the water can't down the slope into the floor drain nature; Slope is too high, will not only make the toilet ground to reduce the prevent slippery degree, fast water will easily lead to floor drain plug. The owner in the acceptance, there is no need to through the experiment of this kind of complex water for acceptance. Only need to prepare a small ball, nature on one side of the toilet, after let go to see how the ball rolling. If toy ball route clearly dropped to a floor drain and speed is reasonable, the grade that shows ceramic tile qualified; If a toy ball rolled to a floor drain or rolled to a floor drain too fast, then gradient ceramic tile is not qualified. Acceptance method 3: check whether the owner of ceramic tile aperture want do caulking, ceramic tile aperture is must leave. Whether it is a seamless brick or ordinary brick, when temperature changes, will produce heat bilges cold shrink phenomenon. And if this is not to set aside a certain gap, the ceramic tile between will squeeze each other, become empty drum, breakage, and so on and so forth. According to the different of ceramic tile, ceramic tile aperture will allow different gap. Seamless brick seam in - roughly 。 Mm, between other tiles in - roughly Mm between. In addition, if the owner wants to do caulking, then to ceramic tile seam is required may also be a bit more, mm below the ceramic tile of leave - typically require Mm gap, mm above the ceramic tile can ask leave - Mm gap, as a background wall ceramic tile can ask leave - Mm gap. If it is don't want to be the owner of caulking, simply take a toothpick in acceptance on each brick joints, as long as the width of the ceramic tile aperture with a toothpick or just slightly more than a few, ceramic tile aperture is qualified. If you want to do the owner of caulking, can be in front of the tile shop sticks to master tiles seam is required. In general, brick paving teacher will use ceramic tile to cross to set aside a certain gap, the owner at the time of acceptance can make brick paving the teacher to set aside a ceramic tile, the cross comparison reference to owner. If the above three aspects are passed the acceptance, then the ceramic tile in the home owner is basically qualified. Such as ceramic tile cement dry and crack at the grass-roots level, can let the caulking division approach for caulking construction. Ceramic tile seam filling grout in founded in Kowloon, Hong Kong, has yet to be established caulking market operating experience. Company's main real porcelain, water porcelain, porcelain epoxy, the four categories of joint sealant products, to meet the demand of caulking decoration of all kinds of building materials. Caulking product main environmental and aesthetic perfect fusion, environmental protection formula, the production of environmental protection, do not contain formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances; Has nearly more than 20 kinds of caulking color and customized color, color is rich, colour is beautiful, is the reasonable choice of meet the demand of the owner of green home outfit.
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