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Caulking construction encountered bumps and bubbles, professional master caulking for no reason

by:Kastar     2020-07-16
Caulking can solve the black ceramic tile aperture, construction procedure is simple, for professional master caulking, do a caulking is a day or two. But if the owners of construction, caulking need time may be longer, when construction also encountered some problems. Meet caulking uplift, bubble, how should solve?

caulking agent after curing, the surface smooth, hard and very glossy, only in the curing of environmental requirements higher. If you encounter problems, must find the reason to solve. Caulking agent there are three reasons for bump and bubbles, the first is the gap and wet, the second is the gap not clean, containing dust, and the third is there air into the glue.

a, crevice damp

gap must be removed before construction, keep dry. If the aperture damp, moisture evaporates will make caulking agent not stem, summon up happens. If there is no clean, may be because the gap on both sides of the caulking agent not completely sticks ceramic tile, have leakage phenomenon.

the solution: the gap of caulking agent processing clean, what are the damp, then test the gap drying for construction. To clean up the gap on both sides of the impurities, again into the gap filling agent.

2, crevices with ash

caulking agent in case of dust will happen bulge gap affects the precipitation of caulking agent of dust, dust into caulking agent itself will crack in the occupied space, finally lead to bulge gap filling agent, blisters.

the solution: will summon the caulking agent shovel out, if already cured, but using a heat gun to the soft wind blowing, and then with a shovel knife out. Gap dust with cleaner clean, glue again.

3, caulking agent of air

the most likely to cause air gap filling agent appear bubbles, at the time of glue too fast, or uneven force, space glue, can all result in a crack in the air.

the solution: after caulking agent shovel out, to glue to keep the uniform strength, speed not too fast, will all scoring gap of caulking agent.

after caulking agent problems is that can remedy, but had better be careful when construction, to avoid subsequent trouble. Many owners ignore the clean up of aperture, but actually, clean up the gap is the most important step for caulking.
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