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Caulking construction five common operation error

by:Kastar     2020-07-24
Caulking industry seems to be very professional, but now a lot of people in diy caulking. Oneself do caulking has many benefits, but also easy to make mistakes, many simple everyone easy operation. Caulking agent small make up summarize several here, please don't make mistakes. Myth, ceramic tile stick good immediately after joint sealant caulking agent construction on the environment requirement is dry clean, ceramic tile just stick good time gap is very damp, and ceramic tile not glue, gap uneven, not fit for caulking. The correct approach: waiting for dry thoroughly again for caulking construction ceramic tile, average waiting time in a week or so, wet weather the waiting time will be extended. Mistake 2, do not clean ceramic tile aperture gap filling gap will affect gap filling effect of dust, caulking agent easy black, not firmly sticks ceramic tile, easy to fall off, don't do it. The correct approach: ceramic tile surface clean first, and then use clean seam tool to clean up ceramic tile aperture, assure cracks and dry, and the depth of the mm or so. One-off myth 3, a wide range of construction for disposable large-scale construction, it is easy to cause the previous caulking agent curing, before sewing. And if inappropriate caulking agent color of choose and buy, want to shovel out after construction, large area after construction rework will have trouble. The correct approach: at the time of construction for the first time should be small scale construction, to play a short period of practice, and I can see color. Myth, finished seam pressure seam finished glue immediately immediately, caulking agent all stick on the seam pressure tool, aperture of caulking agent less poor, make the effect is very poor, and not adhere to ceramic tile. The correct approach: caulking agent to precipitate into the gap in the need a certain time, generally in the gum's minutes seam, high temperatures can shorten the waiting time. If the waiting time is too long, some material could not have curing pressure effect, must be done before the caulking agent curing pressure seam. Mistake 5, immediately after the seam pressure shovel glue after a lot of people in the seam immediately shovel glue, then will crack the caulking agent shovel off together. Caulking agent such as the right approach: adhesive curing totally a shovel, different products have different cure time. The higher the temperature, the faster the curing time. If ceramic tile to stick a crepe paper, need in minutes, caulking agent will tear crepe paper before solidification. Ceramic tile seam filling agent small make up recommend every step there is need to pay attention to, don't blind construction, pay attention to the construction procedure to do caulking.
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